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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Diana and Joanne's Slash Sensation
Author: Diana and Joanne
Dates: 1998 or before -
Fandom: BtVS, DS9, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, Lawrence of Arabia, MacGyver, Original Slash, The Sentinel, Sons of Thunder, Stargate SG-1, Walker: Texas Ranger, The West Wing, Whose Line Is It Anyway?
URL: http://slashgirl.tripod.com/
http://members.tripod.com/~Slashgirl/index.html (Wayback)
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Diana and Joanne's Slash Sensation is a multifandom website with slash fanfiction, fanart and sounds. The strongest focus is on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The site was listed in the Slash Fan Fiction on the Net index in 1998.[1]

This is a page dedicated to the joy that is slash. What is slash exactly? Well a brief generic definition is a style of writing that couples characters of a television series, movie, or book of the same sex both male and female. This page celebrates this particular form of writing. If this unsettles or repulses you, you've obviously found the wrong page. For the rest of you, if your beats strong in the love of slash please enjoy yourselves!

The site is hosted by Tripod and it's a member of the Slash Fan Fiction Ring.


Examples from the art page:


Original Stories

The Gem Of Dethmus:[92kb]A prince with a troubled kingdom and a mercenary with a troubled past finds their paths crossing.

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues

Christmas Wishes: [14kb]Peter spends Christmas Eve with his lover. Rating:PG *** WARNING: Incest theme *** (Pop/Peter)

Fa'ia'n Dingshu' (Discovering Destiny): [29kb]During a trying time for Pop, he comes to the realization that Fate might have plans of it's own. Rating:N-17 *** WARNING: Incest theme *** (Pop/Peter)

Rea'i Jing (Love's Path) Series (Pop/Peter)

  • Er Nai Zhi' Yi (Two Is As One) : [50kb]After a misunderstanding and some confessing, Peter and Pop enighten each other and find out that some journeys in life are meant to be shared. *** WARNING: Incest theme ***
  • Zu'o Ke' (Dream Visitor) Part 1 : [Part 2] : [Part 3] : [Part 4] : [Part 5] : [309kb] As Pop and Peter adjust as a couple, Peter gets involved in a murder investigation and it results in some very disturbing nightmares. As the murders continue, Peter gets caught in a game of cat and mouse, but just who is the cat and who is the mouse? *** WARNING: Incest theme ***
  • Zhoukan (Anniversary):[50kb]It's the anniversary of the burning of the temple and Peter has something special he wants to share with Pop. *** WARNING: Incest theme ***
  • Yue' Lia'oka'o (The Bonding) Part 1 : [Part 2] : [Part 3] : [Part 4] : [Part 5] : [Part 6] : [Part 7] : [520kb] A friend of Peter's comes to him when he discovers an ex-lover is up to some dirty business. Will it come between Pop and Peter's bonding ceremony, or is something a little closer to home more of a threat? *** WARNING: Incest theme ***

Revelations:[57kb]Nickie Elder runs into Peter Caine in the last place he ever thought he would. (PETER/NICKIE)

Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Worth Waiting For:[33kb] When Ryan Stiles gets a late night call, it leads to new beginnings with an old friend. *** WARNING: Real People Slash *** (Ryan/Colin)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Old Memories, New Loves:[26kb]Can Willow handle Oz's return without risking her new love affair? (Willow/Tara)

The West Wing

True North:[40kb]On the night he gets his divorce papers, Leo needs a little reassurance. (Jed/Leo)

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Aftermath:[21kb]What would happen if it had been Garak with Julian on the night that Mrs. Troi's Zanthi fever struck and how would it effect their friendship? (GARAK/BASHIR)

Sorrowful Opportunities:[24kb] Everyone is stunned when Miles O'Brien is killed, including Doctor Bashir. Will a close friend be able to provide comfort and ease his suffering? (GARAK/BASHIR)

With Just One Touch:[26kb] Dr. Bashir has a special blind date (GARAK/BASHIR)

By The Sword's Edge:[Part 2]:[335kb] Captain Julian Bashir of her Majesty's Royal Navy is on a quest to delivery a ransom to Portugal when he is overthrown and captured by the infamous Captain Greyridge who makes Bashir his servant but will the fiery officer bow to the pirate captain? Or will it be the pirate himself who is tamed? (GARAK/BASHIR)

Reflections Series (GARAK/BASHIR)

  • Lonely Is The Night:[52kb]Memories of the past is hitting Garak harder than usual. Can Julian help him through this time?
  • Led From Darkness:[181kb] When Julian loses his eyesight, will it tear him and Garak apart?
  • Sacred Vows:[Part 2]:[Part 3]:[Part 4]:[318kb]On the eve of their wedding, someone from Garak's past comes seeking revenge.
  • Blessed Events:[Part 2]:[Part 3]:[Part4]:[Part 5]:[419kb] Julian's status of CMO is threatened when alligations to his competance are brought forth.
  • Burden Of Proof:[Part 2]:[Part 3]:[Part 4]:[Part 5]:[Part 6][627kb]When a Bajoran is murdered, Garak is brought up on charges. It's up to his husband and the rest of the DS9 crew to prove he's innocent.

Stargate SG-1

The Greatest Gift Of All:[40kb] The SGC team has split up and gone their seperate ways for Christmas Eve, leaving Jack feeling alone and rather in the dumps until he gets a very special Christma gift from a surprise visitor. Does Santa really know what Jack wants for Christmas? (JACK/DANIEL)

A Precious Gift:[92kb] A alien being shares a very special gift with the boys and it leads to some consequences on their next mission. (JACK/DANIEL)

Power Of The Heart:[Part 2]: [Part 3]: [288kb] Sequel to 'A Precious Gift'. As Jack and Daniel begin getting comfortable in their relationship, they end up accepting a quest while on assignment. Is it more than the team bargained for? (JACK/DANIEL)

Sons of Thunder (or) Walker: Texas Ranger

Viaje de Amor (Love's Journey) Series (TRENT/CARLOS)

  • Second Chances:[84kb]After Trent Malloy is nearly killed by an assassin, it prompts Carlos Sandoval to face his feelings for Trent.
  • Wrath:[229kb] Just when everything seems to be going well for Carlos and Trent, someone from Carlos' past comes back to haunt them.

The Sentinel

Dreams Into Waking:[30kb]When Blair nearly dies during "Sentinel Too", it hits Jim harder than he thought and it's affecting him. Can Blair prove to him that everything is all right? (JIM/BLAIR)

Lawrence of Arabia

  • Unwavering Devotion:[23kb] Lawrence has just returned to the Paris talks from his father's death bed and fears he has let Prince Feisal down in his absence and it's up to the prince to prove to him otherwise. (LAWRENCE/FEISAL)


Devil's Deal:[35kb] MacGyver has a choice to make, cater to Murdoc's feindish desires or suffer the loss of his two closest friends. Which will Mac choose? (MAC/MURDOC)


  • Julian finally tells Garak how he truly feels. "I could fall in love with you my dear Garak!" ICOULD.WAV
  • The good tailor responds in kind. "And I love you, my dear Doctor." ILUVU.WAV


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