Universe (multimedia zine)

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Title: Universe
Publisher: out of Florida
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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an ad for issue #3, from the zine The Incredible Star Trek Book

Universe is a gen multifandom zine of art, fiction, articles, cartoons and interviews. It ran at least three issues. Issues cost 15 cents.

Issue 1

Universe 1

Issue 2

Universe 2 contains 16 pages and was published in 1974 or before.

  • a Nimoy interview
  • Westworld
  • Terry and the Pirates

Issue 3

Universe 3 contains 20 pages and was published around 1974.

  • an article on the new Star Trek cartoons
  • an interview with David Lettick, the new "Little Orphan Annie," artist/writer
  • "Where Have You Gone Super-American?" (article discusses why some super-heroes have been able to survive the decades and why others have not)
  • reivews
  • an original short story
  • a Spock portrait by Angie Perez
  • more unknown content