Different Voyages

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Title: Different Voyages
Publisher: Nowajose Press
Date(s): May 1994
Medium: print
Fandom: Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Language: English
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front cover by Anja Gruber

Different Voyages is a slash 131-page Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea anthology. The front and back cover artist is Anja Gruber. She also did the five pieces of internal art.

The back cover shows Admiral Nelson and Lee in an intimate embrace.

  • Sanctuary by Melda Mer (1)
  • Mister Morton's Complaint by La Belle Femme (44)
  • Captain's Progress by Melda Mer (46)
  • Going Home by Dandalo Jones (51)
  • Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes by Melda Mer (68)
  • Highest Game of All by The Captain and Lindar (reprinted in Lindar's Voyages) (74)
  • From the Hand of a Friend by Melda Mer (95)
  • Eulogy by Meg Carruthers (102)
  • Sea of Love by Melda Mer (105) (appeared in Liaisons 2)