Anchors Away

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Title: Anchors Away
Editor(s): Patricia Ames
Date(s): 1993-1998
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Language: English
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Anchors Away is a gen Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea anthology.

1992 flyer printed in Below the Surface #5
From the editorial of issue #1:
I know the title of this zine is spelled wrong. For those who know me, spelling isn't an unusual topic to bring up. But I did it on purpose!

A Word from the Editor

From the first issue:
A word about the character analyses: The offerings here are intended to start a dialogue. I would love to have people respond and offer their own sketches for issue #2. If you write about the characters and want to be printed in #2, please say so. I would like to encourage cross-universe stones for issue #2. I would dearly love a Voyage/A-Team cross, and I think a Voyage/Avengers cross would work. I'm open to anything, as most of you know. Then of course, there are the "what if's". What if Admiral Nelson hires a gay technician for regular duty on Seaview? What if Morton is made a lucrative offer by Nelson's chief competitor, a woman as snarly as Servalan? What if Crane is taken hostage by terrorists on The Love Boat? Oh, please, answer these burning questions! One thing I've noticed, particularly in this fandom, is that views of a given universe vary greatly. That's proven by these stories. There are several slants on our Voyage universe here: Kathy's is different from Diane's which is different from Pauline's. These different views offer us unique opportunities to examine the characters. I've found that each of these writers has developed their universe with great care, and they have given us viable angles to life aboard Seaview. I hope that the reader finds some fascinating suggestions in each piece. I like Voyage for many reasons. Upper most is the great potential in Voyage for exploring a variety of subjects and for investigating many interesting facets of humanity. Any isolated group results in some interesting dynamics, and this group of characters is most dynamic. Exploring them through prose is most gratifying; are we exploring ourselves a little bit too?

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, Deb Walsh

Anchors Away 1 was published in 1993, contains 178 pages, and has a cover by Deb Walsh. Other art by Ann Humphries, Mark Komarisky, and Sandra Maudlin.

  • Editorial (3)
  • Discussion of Canon by Diane F. Kachmar (5)
  • Principal Impressions by Pat Ames (9)
  • Greatest American Sub by Barb Mater (13) (a Greatest American Hero crossover)
  • Deathwish by Diane Farnsworth Kachmar
  • Act of Compassion by Pauline Pendrey (23)
  • Beginnings by Judy Fisher (37)
  • Infinite Possibilities by Judy Fisher (41)
  • Heart of the Matter by Kathy Agel (43)
  • More in Heaven and in Earth by Karen Rhodes (69) (a Hawaii 5-O crossover)
  • Time Out by Anna Geddes (85)
  • Death Wish by Diane Farnsworth Kachmar (89) (part one of a trilogy, the next two stories are in the next issue)
  • Options by Pauline Pendrey (131)
  • The Hatch by Linda Hackett (143)
  • If Chip Were Captain by Judy Fisher (149)
  • Hero's Song by Alice Alridge (153)

Issue 1.5

Anchors Away 1.5 was published in January 1994 and contains 94 pages. The art is by Katrina Larkin. It was edited by Pat Ames.

cover of issue #1.5 (June 1994 reprint)

Both stories complete a trilogy, the first part of which is "Death Wish" in "Anchors Away" #1.

From an ad in I.Z.I.: "Even after returning to Seaview after the death of his wife, there is still a price Lee Crane must pay for his grief. Crane fans are gonna LOVE this."

From the editorial:

I have noticed that there is a pile of stories in Voyage fandom that were written a decade or more ago and are only now seeing print, for various reasons. It's time we all dusted this material off. Voyage fans are ready!!! With that in mind, this book marks the beginning of the Anchors Away .5 Special Edition novel series. Voyage fiction writers are becoming so good that longer stories, of top-shelf quality, are more prevalent. Isn't that exciting? Of course it is!
  • Author's Page by Diane F. Kachmar (2)
  • Editorial by Patricia Ames (3)
  • Crisis by Diane Kachmar and L.A. Carr (portions appeared in Seaview Sextant and Clipper Trade Ship (1985-1988)
  • A Song for Linda by Diane Farnsworth Kachmar (68) (first published in FANtasy #2 (1985)

Issue 2

Anchors Away 2 contains 148 pages and was published in 1994.

cover of issue #2, Sandra Maudlin

Issue 2.5

Anchors Away 2.5 was published in 1994 and contains 68 pages. It is a single novel by Pauline Pendrey. The interior art is by Betty Cole.

cover of issue #2.5
From the author:
The idea for this story germinated whilst I was on holiday in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. On a fine, cool day in March, suitably equipped, plus a favorite camera, I set off for a walk in the mountainous, northern end of the Isle of Arran. The route took me over high moorland and my first goal was a whitewashed cottage with a red-riled roof. On reaching the cottage, I found it to be deserted and situated a few yards from the sea. The only sound to be heard was waves gently washing against the stony shoreline... I found I was overwhelmed bv the sense of isolation created by the scene, and I spent a few moments thinking about those who had lived, loved and laughed in this place.... This brief description is given to show the background to the story. It also brought to mind the times when, in history, troublemakers and captives of buccaneers were often marooned on uninhabited stretches of coastline or islands. It is a story without humor, but which shows the feelings that can be aroused through the circumstances in which we find ourselves. A story of vengeance, loneliness, mistrust. reconciliation and compassion. Perhaps within the words, the reader may identify some personal experience. The location named as Suskan Bay does not exist, although it is based on a coastal area of Canada. A comprehensive map of the Pacific Ocean in the Times Atlas also provided useful guidelines. Technical details are accurate for the purpose of the story, although lengthy descriptions have deliberately been avoided.
  • Author's Page by Pauline Pendrey (2)
  • Editorial by Patricia Ames (3)
  • Marooned by Pauline Pendrey
  • Of Ripples and Men by Pauline Pendrey

Issue 3

Anchors Away 3 was published in 1995 and contains 182 pages. The cover and interior art is by Katrina Larkin.

cover of issue #3, Katrina Larkin

The editor apologizes for this issue being three months late. She also remarks that the art is minimal, something that with the rise of computers and word processors, becomes the norm for print zines.

Also from the editor:
This issue has many very special offerings, all of excellent quality. Diane Kachmar is continuing her series with Adjustments, which follows after A Song For Unda. Pauline is continuing her series with Mission Accomplished, which follows after Act of Compassion and Options which you all read in AA#1. Two contributors have written off aired episodes: Linda Hackett offers another eclectic presentation (I'll leave you guessing about which episode she uses), and Theresa Karle, for her first Voyage story, gives us a beautiful closure story in Reprise to finish up the phantom series. Anna Geddes delves into Nelson's past with the interesting laughter and Tears, and Ginger Fitts offers the delightful Second Fiddle, where Morton must (finally) face the inevitable. Finally, we have a world-class cross in December Tide; where Voyage is concerned, never say, "It can't be done!"
  • Editorial by Patricia Ames (2)
  • Only a Voice to Cry by Linda Hackett (3)
  • Second Fiddle by Ginger J. Fitts (41)
  • Adjustments by Diane F. Kachmar, art by Katrina Larkin (45)
  • Reprise by Theresa Karle
  • December Tide by Char Treusadeau (67)
  • Mission Accomplished by Pauline Pendrey (113)
  • Laughter and Tears by Anna Geddes (129)
  • Reprise by Theresa Karle (133)

Issue 4

Anchors Away 4 was published in 1998 and contains 144 pages.

cover of issue #4
  • So Many Doors by Cris Smithson
  • Life on a Raft by Donna Goad
  • Paper Wraps Stone by Julianne Wozniak
  • Interlude by Cris Smithson
  • The Vampire by Sandra Hassell
  • There are More Things by Pauline Pendrey
  • Reflections by Nik Sacksen
  • Vengeance is Mine by Pauline Pendrey
  • And Now for Something Completely Different by Linda Hackett
  • The Nelson Chronicles by Carol Foss
  • Tears of Stone by Carol Foss, sequel to "The Big Day"
  • The Big Day by Carol Foss
  • The Letter by Pat Ames
  • The Skipper's Open Door Policy by Linda Adams
  • One Voice by Linda Adams
  • If Only by Linda Adams