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Title: Athtar
Publisher: Triffid's Leg Press
Editor(s): Lindar
Date(s): 1994
Medium: print
Size: 22 pages
Fandom: Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Language: English
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a 1994 flyer

Athtar is a 22-page epic slash Voyage the Bottom of the Sea poem with accompanying text by Lindar. It was printed as a single zine and also appears in the Triffid's Leg anthology, Sir, More Than Kisses. The P.P. Press edition of "Sir, More Than Kisses" does not include this poem.

From Media Monitor: "If you enjoyed reading, Sir, More Than Kisses... you may be wanting to read that epic poem Admiral Nelson wrote at the age of nineteen, which he quoted in his love letters to Lee. The beautiful young God of the Admiral's fantasies has all but come to life in his beloved Captain. This poem is now printed as a 22-page zine, with brief preface and epilog and one b/w illustration of young Lee with flowing hair."