Kiss You All Over

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Title: Kiss You All Over
Creator: Kendra Hunter, Diana Barbour, Terry
Date: 1980s?
Format: VHS
Music: "Kiss You All Over" by The Exile
Genre: slash
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch
Footage: Starsky & Hutch TV show

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Kiss You All Over is an early 1980s vid edited by Kendra Hunter, Terry and Diana Barbour. It appeared on The Magnificent 7 (songtape) collection that was the winner of an Encore Award in 1985 for "Best Songtape"

The vid is built around seven frames from the from the hug in the alley in the Starsky & Hutch episode The Fix. These frames, when shown slowly and advanced one at at time, made it look like the guys were kissing. The frames were called the "Magnificent 7" and debate as to whether these clips supported slash in the TV show raged around it in letterzines and among fans at the time. [1]


  1. ^ Source: At SHarecon 2000, Flamingo put together a vid show of the history of Starsky & Hutch vidding. This is an excerpt from the booklet accompanying the songtape she later made available to fans.