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Aka Michelle Christian

I entered fandom around 1984 (at the age of 12) with my mother. My mother was a long-time fan of Star Trek and other television shows, but we found media fandom by way of a zine which was being sold at a local Waldenbooks in the magazine rack. The author/publisher was local, so my mother started to write to her, letting her know how much we enjoyed the story and what a cool thing that she had self-published!

Soon, we found fandom at large, but it wasn't until around two years later that I bothered to put an ad in the GAZ asking what this Blake's 7 I kept seeing references to was. Soon, I had someone offering me tapes, and I was sucked into fandom as a whole.

My first fannish entry published was an essay in the Sopron Alliance (B7 fan club, centered mostly in the Northeast) newsletter on the series as a whole. My first fan story was published in an issue of Dr. Belfriar's Memorial Journal. It was all downhill from there.

Zines published in:

Dr. Belfriar's Memorial Journal (B7) Gambit (B7) Chalk and Cheese (Professionals; multiple issues) No Holds Barred (multi-media; Wiseguy story) Concupisence (multi-media; Wiseguy/Buckaroo Banzai story) Espresso for Three (multi-media; Due South story) Homosapien ? (multi-media; Due South story) Risk (Blake's 7/Wiseguy anthology zine; Wiseguy story) ???