Hungry Hearts

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Title: Hungry Hearts
Publisher: Mkashef Enterprises
Editor(s): Dovya Blacque
Date(s): 1993-1995
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Hungry Hearts is a slash anthology edited by Dovya Blacque.

From Media Monitor #34: "More adventures in MerLyn's MIAMI VICE/"Psychic Vampire" universe! You must send for guidelines before attempting to write in this universe. The specifications are complex, but not unworkable! SASE for guidelines."

The Editor's Description

Yeah, there was a whole series. It was a girl in England who started writing these psychic vampire stories in which— She based them on Bruce Springsteen titles, which also caught my attention, because I adore him. And she had nowhere to publish them, so she asked me if I was interested. She sent me the first two, and— The first one is how Crockett and Tubbs — I mean, I'm sorry— Crockett and Castillo — get— Discover that they have this thing in common, where they are able to draw energy from other people. And there's a way to do it where you will kill the person, and one where you won't. So there— Throughout the universe there were rogues, who could do damage to other people, and Crockett and Castillo kind of ended up being the, ah, den mothers? And it turned into this huge crossover universe. We brought in other characters from Miami Vice, like the character of Gilmore. And when they were doing— It was during a trial pilot kind of episode, where they were going after a younger unit. So there were, like, kids— officers that looked like high school or college kids. Sort of like— 21 Jump Street, Miami Vice style... There was one character on there named Joey Harden, who was in another episode also, and Sue picked up on this. And she ran with that and brought those two in as a couple, and then, I mean, Wiseguy even got dragged in eventually, by me. It was just this huge community of psychic vampire stories, and they are spread out throughout the various Dyads, to a point. And then I decided, there's so many people wanting to write this that I have to do a zine dedicated to it. And it's called... Hungry Hearts, is what I called it. Another Bruce Springsteen reference. And then I found myself having to draw charts, and timetables, because I couldn't have people crossing over— you know, counteracting someone else's story. I did two issues of that, and it was fun. It was really fun. But it kinda petered out. [1]

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, Cooper and Alayne

Hungry Hearts 1 was published in 1993 and has artwork by Cooper and Alayne and Todd Parrish. It contains 146 pages.

"This zine will include synopses of the first eleven psychic vampire stories which appeared in various issues of DYAD as well as a "cast of characters" (including, when possible, actors who played the part) to make it easier to keep track of who's who even if you've never heard of the characters involved in the story!"

  • Timeline by Dovya Blacque (Vampires) (4)
  • Story Synopses by Dovya Blacque (Vampires) (5)
  • On Being a Vampire by Dovya Blacque (Vampires) (10 )
  • Gypsy Angel by Gene S. Delapenia (Miami Vice) ("Gina Calabrese reveals some of her hidden past as she meets and falls in love with Felix Lawson.") (11)
  • Saint in the City by MerLyn (Miami Vice/Wiseguy) ("Ensnared in a bad drug deal in New York, Ricardo Tubbs finds himself beaten and still mourning his decision to leave Miami. In no condition to argue with anyone, he finds himself in the care of a stranger named "Sonny".") (14 )
  • Refuge by Dovya Blacque (Miami Vice) (17)
  • Luckless Joker by MerLyn (Miami Vice) ("After leaving Steelgrave's company, Tubbs learns that Valerie Gordon has been killed by the same crooked cop who set him up. Following leads, Tubbs ends up in Miami... where he faces his true reasons for leaving in the first place... and confronts his ex-partner.") (19 )
  • Bedouin by Dovya Blacque (Miami Vice) (28)
  • Just a Local Hero by Gene S. Delapenia (Miami Vice)/Harry & Johnny) ("Working for Lawson, Crockett and an uniformed Trudy Joplin find themselves in San Francisco investigating a mysterious cult. It's a shock to Crockett when he thinks he sees Ken Hutchinson at the airport... only to find out the man's name is John Davis... and his lover is "Dirty" Harry Callahan.") (29 )
  • Penitent by Dovya Blacque by (Miami Vice) (34)
  • Darkness on the Edge of Town Aletha Wyndsor (Miami Vice/Equalizer) ("Mickey Kostmayer, Scott McCall and Harley Gage become pieces on the chess board of an insane doctor who is out to obtain the power of the psychic vampires for himself. His mistake is that he targets Kostmayer... when the truth is, Scott is the one with rare abilities.") (35)
  • Atlantic City by Dovya Blacque (Miami Vice)/(Wiseguy) ("Vincent Terranova isn't sure he's up to dealing with the series of surprises he's run into in Miami: first he's confronted by an image from his dreams, then two strangers inform him he's a psychic vampire, then they tell him precisely where he can find the creature he once knew as Sonny Steelgrave.")
  • The Saint of Atlantic City by Dovya Blaque (Wiseguy) (63)
  • All of the Old Faces by Gene S. Delapenia The Professionals ("Keeping his promise to Bodie and Doyle, Felix Lawson pays a visit to George Cowley.") (74)
  • Puzzle by Dovya Blaque (The Professionals) (76)
  • Tougher Than the Rest by Gene S. Delapenia (The Professionals) ("After Lawson's brief stay, Ray Doyle has some time to reflect on recent, bizarre, events.") (77)
  • Resurrection by Dovya Blaque (The Professionals) (78)
  • Brilliant Disguise by Dovya Blaque (Miami Vice/Magnum, P.I./(Indiana Jones) ("When Thomas Magnum first saw the man named Harry Jones, he had no idea he was about to step directly into "The Twilight Zone". Not only is "Harry" really Indiana Jones, but he still appears to be about thirty-five years old. Then there's the fact that Thomas himself is inexplicably insisting on going to Miami where two strangers greet him with the news that he's some kind of vampire.") (79)
  • Pirates by Dovya Blacque Indiana Jones (108)
  • No Surrender! by Gene S. Delapenia (Miami Vice)/(David Brandstetter) ("In LA investigating for Lawson, Crockett and Castillo run into a private investigator named David Brandstetter who turns out to be invaluable when Crockett is held hostage.") (109)
  • Something in the Night by Aletha Wyndsor (Miami Vice)/(Equalizer)("Sapphire, Steel and Silver look in on the errors in Time involving Mickey Kostmayer and Scott McCall. They sort it all out and make the appropriate alterations in Time, which involve putting one Martin Castillo directly in young Scott's path.") (113)
  • P.O.V. by Dovya Blacque (Equalizer) (142)

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, Elaine Cole

Hungry Hearts 2 was published in 1995 and is 149 pages long. Art is by Elaine Cole.

"This zine will include synopses of the first eleven Psychic vampire stories which appeared in various issues of DYAD as well as synopses of the eleven stories which appeared in HUNGRY HEARTS #1 and a revised "cast of characters" (including, when possible, actors who played the part) to make it easier to keep track of who's who even if you've never heard of the characters involved in the story!"

  • Timeline by Dovya Blaque (Vampires) (4)
  • Story Synopses by Dovya Blaque (Vampires) (5)
  • Fledglings by Dovya Blaque (Miami Vice) (18)
  • The Ties That Bind by Pamela J. Corsa Houston Knights ("That a Houston case had crossed with one in Miami didn't bother Levon Lundy. What did bother him was Joey LaFiamma's eagerness to see Crockett and Castillo again. Meanwhile, in Miami, Martin Castillo is not exactly acting normally... and everyone is worried.") (19)
  • Looking In from Outside by Dovya Blaque (Houston Knights) (36)
  • Cover Me by Teal Sumner (Miami Vice) ("Reeling from the isolation enforced by the mental walls Felix Lawson forced on him in LUCKLESS JOKER [HH #1], Sonny Crockett has sought isolation from everyone... including Martin Castillo.") (37
  • One by Dovya Blaque (Miami Vice) (46)
  • Spirits in the Night by Gene S. Delapenia (Miami Vice) ("It's a nice break for Crockett and Joey Hardin when they are sent to South Carolina to help out Sonny's old pal Lou DeLong.") (47)
  • Two Good Men by Dovya Blaque (Miami Vice) (50)
  • Leap of Faith by Jonni Corday Quantum Leap ("The first things Sam Beckett noticed were, in order, that he was not alone in bed, that he was male, that the other body in bed with him was also male... and then that other body moved, poised over him like a panther protecting its young, a gravel-hued voice demanding, "Who the fuck are you?"") (51)
  • Discovery by Dovya Blaque (Quantum Leap) (73)
  • Time Travelers by Dovya Blaque (Miami Vice)/(Quantum Leap) (74)
  • Out in the Street by Gene S. Delapenia (Miami Vice) ("Trudy Joplin wasn't interested in a new partner. Gina Calabrese was her partner and always would be, even if she was dead and gone. But Trudy is forced to accept a new partner... in the form of Barbara Weston.") (75)
  • The Price You Pay by Aletha Wyndsor (Equalizer) ("[A sequel to SOMETHING IN THE NIGHT, HH #1] Scott McCall and Harley Gage journey to Miami, accepting Martin Castillo's promise to help Scott learn to understand, use and control his psychic powers. But more than assistance and sunshine await Scott and Gage down south.") (77)
  • Self Interests by Dovya Blaque (Miami Vice) ("Who would have thought that the grounding Dennis Booker so badly needed would come in the form of Tom Hanson and a few late-night revelations discovered over a long talk and a big pizza?") (136)
  • Independence Day by Dovya Blaque 21 Jump Street (37)
  • Renegade Souls by Dovya Blaque Booker (146)


  1. from Media Fandom Oral History Project Interview with Alayne Gelfand (2014)