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Name/s: anatsuno, anat
Fandom/s: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Harry Potter, Lotrips, Stargate: Atlantis, Inception, Avengers-ish, Community, Teen Wolf, RPF
You can find me at: anat on Dreamwidth (+LJ, +JF, +IJ) & and on Tumblr - podfic specifically at the grandiloquent emporium
On Fanlore: My contributions / email me

I'm French - and I don't quite know why this is the first fact about me that I always feel compelled to blurt, but there you have it. I'm probably using it to deflect possible criticism of my ineptness, pointing out that okay, I am inept, maybe, but I'm being inept in a foreign language, which should earn me some points. Ahem.

I've been a fan of various things throughout my life. It started with Greek mythology, I think (lifelong fan of Ulysses!), and fairy tales, and crime stories, mostly with the French YA book series revolving around Fantomette, the first example of female superhero I knew. You see that I'm a genre fan from the start.

Growing up, I read my dad's Série Noire books and science fiction, along with all of Sherlock Holmes, Arsène Lupin, and San Antonio. Oh, and some porn along the way. I used to be very, very big on rereading.

Skipping on a lot of (tbc) fandom backstory, here's what my fandom life looks like now, summer 2012:

  • My main active fandom is teen wolf, with minors in inception, community & maybe avengers, and I'm not reading as much fic as before
  • I hang out on Twitter too much
  • I record podfic multifannishly (inception, teen wolf, sherlock, avengers, community...)
  • I'm still trying (and failing) to finish my first inception fic
  • I mod/man the Fanfic_Flamingo tumblr, the Podfic_Platypus tumblr, and the We_are_slashers tumblr.
  • I was a volunteer for the OTW twice (and failed twice to make myself useful, for which I feel very bad) and am a member of the org.