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Fanlore Policy & Admin volunteers are responsible for managing and developing both the technical aspects and the policies of Fanlore. They help shape Fanlore policies and guidelines, categories, and tutorials; maintain policy-related documentation; and make and communicate decisions about Fanlore policy violations.

Policy & Admin volunteers can do everything that Gardeners do and work closely with them to resolve conflicts and respond to questions and complaints. However, Policy & Admin volunteers have access to more tools for maintaining the integrity of the wiki.

If you have a question about or need help with Identity Protection, you can contact Fanlore Policy & Admin via the contact form. (Select 'Fanlore Policies' or 'Identity Protection' from the Subject menu). For any other issues, add the AttentionGardeners template to an article's Talk page to request assistance from Fanlore Gardeners.

Current Policy & Admin Volunteers

A bunch of friendly & helpful people! (We hope.) We are:


Policy & Admin volunteers have admin permissions:

  • Can edit articles & categories outside of the project namespace
  • Can edit the project namespace
  • Can create & add to talk pages
  • Can move articles
  • Can delete articles
  • Can undelete articles
  • Can upload files
  • Can re-upload files
  • Can make minor edits
  • Can rollback revisions
  • Can hide revisions
  • Can block/ban other users
  • Can alter user rights – add users to admin or gardeners group (NOT sysops group)
  • Can view the history of a deleted article
  • Can protect an article
  • Can edit a protected article
  • Can mark articles as patrolled (only other admins & gardeners can see)
  • Will never be prompted with a CAPTCHA
  • Cannot alter system messages around the wiki