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Fandom/s: Carterverse (The X-Files, MillenniuM, The Lone Gunmen), Space: Above and Beyond, Fullerverse, The Expanse, Deadly Premonition/Red Seeds Profile, Silent Hill, Neil Gaiman, Twin Peaks, Lenoard Cohen, Pink Floyd, Poets of The Fall, Queen/Freddie Mercury, William Gibson and Cyberpunk
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"When in doubt, link people's and character's names and titles in articles. Someone may create the article soon." :)


What are Frogs? (PS: I'm not any of the tumblr users with the same name, the posts only illustrates where the name is coming from)

I see my self a mostly neutral chronicler of the Carterverse Fandoms and don't take sides in fandom or ship wars. I do, however hate unfairness and cyber bullying.

Besides contributing to Fanlore as an editor I'm also part of the Policy & Admin volunteer team

Some shorthand I use in summaries

  • wl: added/changed or fixed Wikilinks
  • cat: added/changed or fixed category
  • t: fixed a typo or missing character
  • f: formatting (usually removal of obsolete spaces etc)


English is a second language of mine, although I'm proficient there may be errors. If you spot weird sentences or grammar issues, please feel free to correct them. :)

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