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Name: Wendelah1,
Alias(es): Wendelah, avesuvianface[1]
Type: Fanwriter
Fandoms: X-Files, The X-Files RPF, Fringe, The Americans, Stargate SG-1
Communities: LJ, Dreamwidth
URL: [1]
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Wendelah1 is an X-Files writer, fan fiction rec'er and member of the XF Bookclub.

She is also a member of both Livejournal and Dreamwidth X-Files fan communities. Under the pseud avesuvianface she has written RPF and explicit Mulder/Scully fiction for several XF Big Bangs and LJ's xf_santa.

Over the years, wendelah has commented on many Philedom and fandom relevant occurrences, the most recent one being a case of Cease and Desist against the 201 Days of The X-Files tumblr blog:

It has come to my attention that Fox Corporation is up to its old tricks again. Just as they did in the past, they’ve started harrassing their fans, forcing them to remove fanworks, citing copyright enfringement. The latest casualty is the fanvidA Home” by requiem_x, which was posted on YouTube six years ago and had 169,904 views before Fox blocked it.

That vid was on my favorites list. I love it and if you’ve seen it, I’ll bet you love it, too. What Fox is doing isn’t right or necessary. It’s a bullying tactic. It’s also incredibly stupid but what else is new.

For this reason, I will no longer be providing this company of fools and bullies free publicity for their upcoming project. I still love The X-Files and I will always love Mulder and Scully, but I will not help Fox by reblogging their “201 Days of The X-Files” posts here on Tumblr. I sent them a note explaining why, both here and on YouTube.

I thought about shutting this blog down altogether. I was that mad. But I’m not leaving the fandom. I’m still watching the episodes. So I’ve decided I’ll keep reviewing the episodes periodically and making fic recs where applicable. I’ll keep reblogging other folks’ 201 days posts, etc. Why should I let Fox’s short-sightedness keep me from having a little fun?

From the Internet Archive via Fanlore: Free Speech Is Out There: Protecting X-Phile Web Sites, Archived version. [2]


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