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Name: Joanna
Fandoms: this is alphabetical!
Batfamily, Good Omens (TV), Harry Potter, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Person of Interest, Sherlock Holmes (disambiguation), Star Trek: The Original Series, Teen Wolf, The Untamed, The Witcher, Yuri on Ice
Link: TikTok

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I am a current member of the Fanlore Policy & Admin team. She/her.

Core Beliefs

from The Three Laws of Fandom

Editing Accomplishments


2023 Fanlore Bingo

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2023 IFD Fanlore Challenge

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2022 Stub September (OTW 15th Birthday)

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2022 Fanlore Bingo

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2022 IFD Fanlore Challenge

full sweep of IFD Fanlore Challenge 2022

Code I need as a reminder


|because=Gaiman's comments post-TV series}}

Tagging someone:


Links currently helpful for me

Also FYI browse Category:Organization for Transformative Works

Contribution ideas

Blorbos (some):

  • 3zun review or consider Dage
    • LXC (art sitch)
    • JC (archive meta, reorg example fanart, add another on page)
    • reviewed as of June '23: JC/LWJ, JC/LXC, JC/WWX
  • Damian Wayne - pets (BatCow, cat Alfred, dog Titus), race issues and whitewashing, check Example Fanworks for consistent formatting, sth about "fandoms of other characters" section?
  • Draco Malfoy refresh
  • Mycroft Holmes - add info on ACD!

Other fanworks:

Pairing cleanups:


Backburner ideas:

StubSept 2023 Speedrun!

Create a new Stub Add to a Stub Add section headers to a Stub Add an internal link to a Stub Add enough to a stub to remove the Stub tag

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