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Name: Joanna
Fandoms: this is alphabetical!
Batfamily, Good Omens (TV), Harry Potter, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Person of Interest, Sherlock Holmes (disambiguation), Star Trek: The Original Series, Teen Wolf, The Untamed, The Witcher, dabbling in Yuri on Ice
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full sweep of IFD Fanlore Challenge 2022

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Beginner Editor Bingo Beginner Editor Blackout Ultimate (both) Blackout

I am a current member of the Fanlore Policy & Admin team. She/her.

Core Beliefs

from The Three Laws of Fandom

Links that are helpful for me currently


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Contribution ideas


The Expanse pages from rewatch:

  • Minor characters past S1 (list goes through S3)
  • edit & expand sections on Roci, Lang Belta - could add archival links to #SaveTheExpanse
  • Chrisjen - discussion of costuming
  • Amos - characterization, expansion
  • for tumblr posts re Chrisjen’s costumes and Amos’ meta

Other fanworks I love:



  • Split Good Omens fandom page into book and TV fandom pages

Backburner ideas:

For Fanlore: