Amos Burton

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Name: Amos Burton
Occupation: Mechanic
Location: Baltimore, Earth
Canterbury, Rocinante
Status: Alive
Fandom: The Expanse
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Amos Burton is a character in the TV series The Expanse, which is based on the novel of the same novel by James S.A. Corey.


Amos Burton is an Earther mechanic on the Canterbury. When the Cant responds to a distress beacon, Amos is one of a handful of crew members who survives an unprovoked attack from an unknown enemy.


Amos is a morally dubious character, and much fan discussion surrounds his motivations and mysterious backstory, which has yet to be revealed in the show. Some fans view Amos as a possible sociopath, while others believe his actions are as a result of a tragic childhood or possibly hint at Amos been a autistic character.


  • Amos Burton/Clarissa Mao
  • Amos Burton/Alex Kamal
  • Amos Burton/Naomi Nagata
  • Amos Burton/Jim Holden
  • Amos Burton/Prax Meng

Appreciation Weeks

Amos Burton Appreciation Week was organised by fans on Tumblr and took place 24 July to 30 July 2017. In keeping with this fandoms norms, prompts revolved around discussions and meta posts, rather than creating fanworks.

  • Day 1: Moment you started liking the character or favourite outfit
  • Day 2: Favourite episode
  • Day 3: Favourite relationship
  • Day 4: Favourite quote or favourite headcanon
  • Day 5: Favourite scene from the tv show or the books
  • Day 6: Favourite personality traits
  • Day 7: Free choice

Although the announcement page is gone, some posts tagged Amos Burton Appreication Week are still on Tumblr.

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