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Reylo vandalism

I would say, GenesisHorus can be safely permabanned because of ban evasion. They have had two other accounts before, and they all compare reylo to the pandemic of covid19 and compare the blanking of the article to "destroying reylo" in the edit summary. - Alpha (talk) 07:23, 21 August 2023 (UTC)

Thanks for this alert, Alpha! I hadn't looked/realized how similar the edit summaries are, i.e. as you say, very likely the same person. We are definitely considering various tactics in this situation and talking with our tech volunteers. (also just changing the topic name bc it's wider than this one username lolsob) Joanna R (talk) 02:48, 30 August 2023 (UTC)
Thanks for working on this Alpha and Joanna R.
I also request removing the visibility of the offending summaries on both pages because they're obnoxious. and MPH 12:52, 30 August 2023 (UTC)