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IFD Challenge 2022

Hi, Alpha! Congratulations on earning your badge for Day 1 of our IFD Fanlore Challenge! Here's your shiny badge:

IFD 2022 Day1.png

Keep going to earn all 7! Good luck, and happy editing! --chubsthehamster (talk) 23:01, 15 February 2022 (UTC)

Hi, Alpha! Congrats on completing Day 2 of our editing challenge! Here's your badge:

IFD 2022 Day2.png

There are five badges left in the challenge--you can check out the tasks to earn them on our Challenge Help page. Good luck! --chubsthehamster (talk) 23:01, 15 February 2022 (UTC)

Hi Alpha! Congrats on completing the task for Day 3 of our IFD editing challenge! Here's your new badge:

IFD 2022 Day3.png

Keep going to get the remaining four badges! And happy editing --Auntags (talk) 21:03, 17 February 2022 (UTC)

IFD 2022 Day4.png

Congrats on earning your Day 4 and Day 5 badges!

IFD 2022 Day5.png

Happy editing! Kthoovestol (talk) 00:02, 20 February 2022 (UTC)

Nice going! For adding to the stub Saint Seiya, you've earned your Day 6 badge!

IFD 2022 Day6.png

And finally, for adding fandom-related information to Deidara, you've earned your Day 7 badge!

IFD 2022 Day7.png

Congratulations, and we hope you've enjoyed taking part in the challenge! --enchantedsleeper (talk) 00:02, 21 February 2022 (UTC)

TobDei Project

Oh man very happy that new pages related to Brazilian fandom are being made here on Fanlore, thank you for that. I edited it a little because it had a word in Portuguese (capas), which are nothing more than cover art for the stories -- Ellakbhesse (talk) 18:34, 18 April 2022 (UTC)

Aw, thank you for that! I am a little too invested in this ship, so I know everything that is going on everywhere. I wasn't sure how to translate capas so thank you for that! I haven't used Spirit a lot, but I felt like in Spirit fanfiction culture, cover art is as important as the fanfic itself and people put a lot of creativity into them --Alpha (talk) 18:43, 18 April 2022 (UTC)
It's not wrong, the people at Spirit are very passionate about the subject of covers. Before, the site had skin editing features that related to pages and editor groups within the site itself. It was recently removed to the displeasure of many. Several good editors/fanartists and programmers used the site's communities to share some xriac But it's not just Spirit that focuses on covers. People here in Brazil really like to give points to authors for their covers. Challenges and contests are made, in order to reward and choose covers for certain stories. In the scope of anime and especially in Spirit this is very high, almost becoming a war with flames. But never aggressively, would it be more like the Forever Knight faction Wars is getting me? Cover creators are called "Capistas". Some charge fees to create their cover, others do it for free.Many cover artists really fight each other over this, over who supports and who doesn't support such work being commissioned. It's a place where I don't get involved because from the colleagues I know, I've heard and seen a lot that scares me. Think of a strong passion taken to the extreme, it's the fervor of the Brazilian fanfic writer. Some treat this activity as a profession, some as a hobby, and some as a competition -- Ellakbhesse (talk) 21:50, 18 April 2022 (UTC)
I think I never got to see that feature. I think the commissioning bit is getting in murky waters if fanarts made by other people are being used. And yes since the pandemic started I have been more in contact with the Brazilian fandom as the ship I like is much more popular in BR fandom than Spanish or English for some reason and I noticed soon that there are a lot of very intense feelings going on, generally speaking. --Alpha (talk) 23:07, 18 April 2022 (UTC)
It's Brazil is very fascinated in Naruto, and the slash ships of the fandom is very big. I have no idea what country you are my friend Alpha, but know that the waters of fandom are turbulent, but with the right mastery easy to navigate. Yes, many want to charge for covers made with resources that cannot be commissioned and still dare to criticize those who point this out. I have some publisher friends who charge nothing and some who do. But let's not talk about it, I'm glad you're joining the Brazilian fandom. I speak a little Spanish and no English (thank you online translators), so I also get involved in different fandoms of these three languages. Maybe if you need support with the idiom difference, you can call me without hesitation -- Ellakbhesse (talk) 23:30, 18 April 2022 (UTC)
Oh thank you very much with the offer and thank you for adding information! I offer you help with Spanish if you need it anytime too :D --Alpha (talk) 00:14, 19 April 2022 (UTC)

BPG's handwriting

Alpha, I've got some handwriting samples. I'd like to send them to you. If you want, you can email me via my talk page. --MPH (talk) 20:52, 29 April 2022 (UTC)

Thank you! I've been away but I'm back home now and will e-mail you. --Alpha (talk) 19:12, 3 May 2022 (UTC)

Note about tumblr links on Daily Dracula

Hi, I really appreciate all of the links you've been adding to Dracula Daily! Awesome work. I just wanted to point out that a lot of the tumblr links you've been adding have been formatted to direct people to a login wall -- this isn't your fault, Tumblr changed how it handles the "copy link" button a few weeks ago and it's been very annoying for all of us! So far I've just been fixing it by hand (you just need to change "" to "") but if I figure out a more convenient way of getting the public link, I'll try to remember to add that here. -- Quaelegit (talk) 06:16, 3 August 2022 (UTC)

Hey! I was not aware of that, thank you for letting me know, I will test the Tumblr links on an unlogged browser before adding them from now on. --Alpha (talk) 16:43, 3 August 2022 (UTC)
Further Updates October 2022: Tumblr is continuing to mess w/ its URL structure and general feature behaviors (one announcement, and there's been other changes to that I don't have a handy link for)-- but at least this week the "share" button is working again (and produces URLS in the format This links you to a mobile-formatted view of the post, which I personally dislike, but you can at least access it w/o being logged in to tumblr, so there's no need to hand-edit tumblr URLs on Fanlore anymore. -- Quaelegit (talk) 23:04, 10 October 2022 (UTC)
Thank you for letting me know! I've seen Tumblr has been tweaking stuff often lately, but didn't notice this one. Let's hope they can be saved correctly in the wayback machine again! Alpha (talk) 23:24, 10 October 2022 (UTC)

Stub September 2022

Stub september invite.png

Hi Alpha! Here are some badges for your early work on Stub September! Creating a stub, expanding a couple stubs beyond stub-dom, and an ‘extra mile’ badge for finding an article that didn’t have the stub category on it but needed it! Joanna R (talk) 03:41, 14 September 2022 (UTC) New-stub.png De-stub.png Extra-mile.png

Thank you for the cakes! Now I want cake. --Alpha (talk) 14:04, 14 September 2022 (UTC)
I agree, now I really want cake too! Here is some more virtual cake for finding the incorrectly-flagged stub Undressing. Enjoy, and please let us know if we missed badges! Joanna R (talk) 04:58, 15 September 2022 (UTC)


Hello Alpha! Here to add one last badge (yay, more cake) for adding more information to stubs ^_^ -- Shiningpaperclip (talk) 01:58, 17 September 2022 (UTC)

That one looks delicious, thank you so much! --Alpha (talk) 12:25, 17 September 2022 (UTC)


2023 IFD Fanlore challenge

Welcome to participating in the Fanlore challenge this year! :insert cute cat icon here: Joanna R (talk) 10:44, 14 February 2023 (UTC)

IFD 2023 d1.png

Thank you, is that a frangipani? I love them. Alpha (talk) 11:35, 14 February 2023 (UTC)
I've checked with both Airy and Halley, and apparently yes it is! Both of them really enjoy that flower, and I learned "frangipane" isn't only an almond pie lol. Joanna R (talk) 16:26, 14 February 2023 (UTC)
I love them too! Especially the scent. And I also love frangipanes. Alpha (talk) 17:15, 14 February 2023 (UTC)

Hey, hey, hey! Congratulations on earning your second badge of this year's IFD Fanlore challenge, Alpha! Here's your shiny new badge for adding to the page Tenou Haruka/Kaiou Michiru:

IFD 2023 d2.png

Have fun editing and good luck earning the rest! 🌸 Hheyhalley (talk) 22:28, 14 February 2023 (UTC)

Yay, thank you! I love my lily. Alpha (talk) 23:54, 14 February 2023 (UTC)

Hello there! Great job adding the page on Blurslash; Here is another gorgeous badge for all your efforts~ Keep going to get the rest! - Mokuroh (talk)

IFD 2023 d3.png

Thank you so much! :D

Hello Alpha! I'm pleased to award you with more beautiful flowers for creating La Doceava Casa and Ennead! Keep up the amazing work! --Shiningpaperclip (talk) 17:00, 17 February 2023 (UTC)

IFD 2023 d4.png IFD 2023 d5.png

Thank you very much! I love them!

Hi, Alpha! Congrats on earning your Day 6 badge by creating Jill Thomasson from a redlink! Here's your lovely flower:

IFD 2023 d6.png

And finally, well done for creating the crossover fanwork page See You in Shibuya, what a great page! Here's your final badge!

IFD 2023 d7.png

We hope you've enjoyed taking part in the challenge! --enchantedsleeper (talk) 22:16, 19 February 2023 (UTC)

Thank you for the badges, they were beautiful! Also, thank you for hosting this event! Alpha (talk) 10:25, 20 February 2023 (UTC)

Fanlore Bingo 2023

Hi Alpha, you have earned the eggplant! Congratulations on your Expert card bingo! Joanna R (talk) 06:36, 7 June 2023 (UTC)


Oh lucky me! First badge I earn and it's the perv one. Thank you! 💗 Alpha (talk) 08:13, 7 June 2023 (UTC)

It's certainly one of the most obvious, but don't worry, we have other pervy badges too! :eyebrow wiggle: Joanna R (talk) 21:42, 7 June 2023 (UTC)

Hello, hi, howdy Alpha! 🤠 I come with the sussy pair of your pervy badge! /eyebrows, finger guns/ Congratulations on achieving black out on the expert card!


There's another sussy pair of badges for the beginner bingo, if you're interested in that! And an extra yummy one for our completionists! Hope you're having fun editing~ 🍑 Hheyhalley (talk) 13:27, 9 June 2023 (UTC)

Peach my beloved <3 of course I want to earn more sussy badges! Thank you for these! Alpha (talk) 19:40, 9 June 2023 (UTC)

Well hello, Alpha, here to present you with a banana for achieving Beginner card bingo. Enjoy your editing! --Shiningpaperclip (talk) 21:45, 11 June 2023 (UTC)

Fanlore-bingo-2023-beginner-bingo.png Thank you very much! . Alpha (talk) 20:39, 12 June 2023 (UTC)

Congratulations, Alpha! I'm here to award you the last of your sussy badges for achieving Beginner Blackout and Total Blackout. Nice work! -- Shiningpaperclip (talk) 04:56, 18 June 2023 (UTC)

Fanlore-bingo-2023-beginner-black-out.png Fanlore-bingo-2023-total-black-out.png

They're very pretty thank you so much! Alpha (talk) 08:57, 19 June 2023 (UTC)

Stub September 2023

Greetings Alpha! Thank you for presenting your ticket stub for Stub September. For punching two sections, I am here to present you with two dinosaurs who are excited to see you! Have fun collecting more ^_^ --Shiningpaperclip (talk) 00:18, 12 September 2023 (UTC)

Fanlore - stubsep 2023 (1).png Fanlore - stubsep 2023 (2).png

Thank you very much! I love my badges! Alpha (talk) 22:08, 12 September 2023 (UTC)

Hello Alpha! Thank you for expanding a stub. Here is a new dinosaur friend for your collection. Keep up the hard work to win some more! -- Kingstoken (talk) 00:24, 13 September 2023 (UTC)

Fanlore - stubsep 2023 (3).png

So cute Awesomesaurus, thank you Kingstoken! Alpha (talk) 19:00, 13 September 2023 (UTC)
Hi Alpha, thank you very much for adding section headers to Tekken! Please accept this shiny new dinosaur themed badge as a reward for your great work. SecurityBreach (talk) 19:19, 13 September 2023 (UTC)
Fanlore - stubsep 2023 (4).png
Hi again Alpha! Thank you very much for adding an internal link and content to FRUK. I am happy to award you another lovely dinosaur themed badge for this year's Stub September challenge. I hope you enjoyed the event and wish you happy editing. SecurityBreach (talk) 21:11, 13 September 2023 (UTC)
Fanlore - stubsep 2023 (5).png
thank you so much! Alpha (talk) 21:13, 13 September 2023 (UTC)