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Name: Jiang Cheng (江澄)
Title/Rank: Sandu Shengshou (三毒圣手), Jiang Clan Sect Leader
Location: Lotus Pier, Yunmeng
Status: Alive
Relationships: Wei Wuxian (adopted brother)

Jiang Yanli (sister)

Jin Ling (nephew)
Fandom: Mo Dao Zu Shi, The Untamed
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Jiang Cheng (江澄), courtesy name Wanyin (晚吟), is a popular character in the serialized danmei novel Mo Dao Zu Shi (MDZS) and its audio drama, manhua, donghua, and live-action drama adaptations.


Chinese-language fandom

English-language fandom

Common Pairings


  • Jiang Cheng & Wei Wuxian: The gen relationship between Jiang Cheng and his adopted/sworn brother, Wei Wuxian.
  • Jiang Cheng & Wei Wuxian & Jiang Yanli: The gen sibling relationship between the three major characters from Lotus Pier.


  • Jiang Cheng/Lan Xichen (XiCheng): A ship pairing Jiang Cheng with Lan Xichen, the older brother of Lan Wangji (Jiang Cheng's eventual brother-in-law). The most commonly tagged Jiang Cheng ship on AO3. [note 1]
  • Jiang Cheng/Nie Huaisang (SangCheng): A ship pairing Jiang Cheng with Nie Huaisang, his friend from his teenage years and, in adulthood, a fellow sect leader. The second most commonly tagged Jiang Cheng ship on AO3.
  • Jiang Cheng/Wei Wuxian (ChengXian): An incest ship pairing Jiang Cheng with his adopted brother, Wei Wuxian. Based on AO3 tag counts, ChengXian is the most popular Jiang Cheng ship in Chinese-language fandom.[note 2]
  • Jiang Cheng/Lan Jingyi (ChengYi): A ship pairing Jiang Cheng with Lan Jingyi, a Lan disciple of the generation after Jiang Cheng's.


  • Jiang Cheng/Wen Qing: [expansion needed]

Common Tropes and Trends in Fanworks

Mending Sibling Relationships

A central part of the plot of MDZS is the ever-growing rift between Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian. They are very close when the flashback timeline begins, but Wei Wuxian's actions throughout the story push them further and further apart. Ultimately this culminates in Wei Wuxian's death, which is at least in part Jiang Cheng's doing - though exactly how much Jiang Cheng is to blame depends on which version of the canon you're talking about. After Wei Wuxian's death, Jiang Cheng spends more than a decade hunting down (and, it is heavily implied, torturing and killing) people he suspects of being Wei Wuxian back from the dead.

By the end of canon there's a bit less outright animosity between them, but they still haven't repaired their relationship. Many fans therefore take it upon themselves to create fanworks (especially fanfic) about Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian mending their relationship and becoming more like siblings again. Many of these fanworks are set some time post-canon, though some take place in canon divergence AUs.

Accidental Pet Acquisition

In his canon childhood, Jiang Cheng had several puppies whom he had given names like Jasmine, Princess, and Little Love. When Jiang Fengmian brought an orphaned Wei Wuxian home to raise alongside Jiang Cheng and Jiang Yanli, Jiang Cheng was forced to give up his puppies because of Wei Wuxian's extreme fear of dogs.[1] This has given rise to a fic trend wherein post-canon Jiang Cheng finds himself in possession of one or more pets, usually dogs or cats.

Aromantic/Asexual Headcanons

[coming soon - fanon about Jiang Cheng's distaste for romance]


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Example Fanworks





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