Fae Tales

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Name: Fae Tales
Creator: not_poignant
Date(s): November 7th, 2013 - ongoing
Medium: online at AO3
Country of Origin:
External Links: main series and canon extras on AO3
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Fae Tales is an original fiction work by not_poignant posted on Archive of Our Own in the "Original Works" section. As of August, 2018, it has 8 works in the main series totalling 1,132,265 words.

Author's Summary of the Series

This series is a predominantly original series of dark fantasy / explicit fairytale erotica. Over time, I shall be removing references to any other commercial fandoms (these only occur in Game Theory and in minimal amounts). Until then, it is a strange hybrid of mostly original work with my own original characters. Read the warnings and enjoy!

CORE to the story are:

1. Deeper into the Woods (40k total, a good introduction to the characters since the larger works are so long/daunting!) 2. Game Theory 3. The Nightingale and Terho the Mouse Lad 4. The Court of Five Thrones 5. The Ice Plague

EXTRAS (see: fae tales verse - canon extras for more) (optional and not integral reading - but still canon):

6. The Drawn Bead (Gwyn/Mafydd)

7. The Curse (Crielle pov)[1]


The fandom tag on Archive of Our Own was canonized by a wrangler browsing the multifandom anonmeme fail_fandomanon,[2] but since then other original fiction fandoms on AO3 have had problems getting their fandom tag canonized.



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