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Hi, are there any plans to upgrade the wiki?

The reason I realized we're behind the latest release is because MediaWiki's page Help:Images#Rendering_a_gallery_of_images shows that there's an option for slideshow galleries starting in version 1.28. Slideshow galleries would be super helpful on pages like:

  • Self-Insertion where there should really be more example artwork but adding more would mean either seriously inteerrupting the flow of the article or moving the gallery to the bottom of the page
  • Proposed_Zines/A and the rest of the subpages where there are lots of images that could be displayed bigger but in a gallery so they'd be readible without having to navigate away from the subpage.
  • Connie Faddis and other fanartist pages, probably.

3.31 integrated these extensions into the wiki:

  • CodeEditor provides a more friendly editor when editing CSS and JavaScript on-wiki
  • CategoryTree provides a form to let administrators do string replacements on the entire wiki, for both page contents and page titles.
  • MultimediaViewer provides a lightbox viewer for images and galleries.
  • OATHAuth provides two-factor authentication for wiki accounts.
  • Replace Text provides a form to let administrators do string replacements on the entire wiki, for both page contents and page titles.

Plus... you know... I'm sure there are a bunch of technical things. Maybe there's a reason we're still on 1.26.2? - Hoopla (talk) 19:45, 25 October 2018 (UTC)

Hi, Hoopla. Thanks for flagging this up! Yes, we plan to upgrade the wiki as soon as possible. Our lone tech staffer is too underwater to take that on at the moment, but our plan is to recruit for a new MediaWiki-focused tech volunteer at the start of the year so that we can carry out the upgrade. --PriscillaD (talk) 20:02, 25 October 2018 (UTC)
\o/ Hooray! - Hoopla (talk) 20:13, 25 October 2018 (UTC)

Protecting a Page

Hi, can anyone on the committee protect the page TM Alexander or block the user User:Mayphoenix from editing it? It looks like it has been the target of vandalism, and User:Mrs. Potato Head said that this isn't the first time and suggested I contact the Fanlore Committee about it -- Kingstoken (talk) 01:07, 29 June 2020 (UTC)

Did you sent a notice via the contact formular? I think that's more likely to reach the committee directly. --Doro (talk) 08:44, 29 June 2020 (UTC)
Actually I just received an email from the user, and she says that she has contacted the Gardeners about deleting the page, because page is about her and she has some privacy concerns. I have advised her to contact the Gardeners again about resolving the issue. So I'm just going to leave it at that for the time being -- Kingstoken (talk) 09:51, 29 June 2020 (UTC)