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Name/s: Hoopla
Fandom/s: Dreaming of Sunshine is the big one at the moment but historically also Leverage and Yuu Yuu Hakusho and a soft spot for Animorphs
You can find me at: unofficial discord server
On Fanlore: My contributions / email me
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Something in Common was the 50,000,000th page on Fanlore.

Pages to Make

Pages to Expand

What's up I love organization and was seduced into making an account to fix up the stub article for my favorite fic. Now things are quickly spiralling out of control, which is very enjoyable. I like to hit the 'random article' link until I find a page that needs something to fix it up.

Fandom-wise, I'm big into recursive fanfiction, specifically for the Naruto fic Dreaming of Sunshine by Silver Queen — fixing the fic article up from a stub is what got me on to join Fanlore in the first place! Attempts to add more Naruto content overall have been slow going because I haven't seen like 80% of the show, oops. I like to keep my fanlore life separate from the rest of my fandom life, although if you snoop I'm sure you could find me in the wild.

Some pages I've created recently include Dirty Laundry (Voltron fanfiction) (despite not being into Voltron), Wolf's Head (despite not being into Red Dead Redemption), and the meta articles AU and You, Why AUs don't work for me, and Presumptions of Heterosexuality.

I also made Template:PodcastEp! If you need a new template for something, feel free to ask on my talk page or mention me on the talk page of the relevant article. Other templates I've made include the one for annotated fanworks and the nested quote template.


Page structure

I like to investigate organizational structures and patterns in page layout! You can find an overview of a couple different kinds of pages here: User:Hoopla/pagestructure review citation script

Additionally, you'll see I have a couple pages going where I've copied lots of reviews of Gathering the information by hand was getting tiresome so I asked UVgamma to make a tampermonkey script for me! You can find the original here on pastebin. Note that automating the fic author name would have required loading another page, so instead that's a manual input.

The format that the script will add to the bottom of each review is as follows:

username, Fic Title by author - Review for chapter# Posted Date Month Year

Pages Created