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Synonyms: Trollsona
See also: Trollsona, Troll, Fankid, Classpect, Hemospectrum
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A fantroll is an original character in the Homestuck fandom, specifically an OC who is of the Troll race, a humanoid race of aliens that have orange horns and a caste system based on blood color. The term fantroll and trollsona may be used interchangeably, but a trollsona is typically a self insert character rather than an OC.

The creation of a fantroll (or fankid) is fairly common amongst Homestuck fans. Fantrolls can be used as an avatar, in some form of roleplaying, or simply as a fun way to adapt their other characters to the setting. It is somewhat of a rite of passage, and many fans will do this alongside taking an camelCase moniker, as is the username convention in Homestuck fandom.

In Canon

The Homestuck Kickstarter had a USD$10,000 reward tier that allowed fans to pay to have their fantrolls be canonized in the comic. Two fans purchased this reward tier, so two fantrolls were canonized:

For more information see the MSPA wiki entry.

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In Fandom

Fans who create fantrolls frequently do so for roleplaying, especially on Pesterchum. In addition to names, fantrolls usually have Trollian handles — a username that they use when DMing other trolls or humans. Many fantrolls are created to explore Alternian culture and society, although fans also frequently have them play Sgrub, the universe-destroying videogame that features heavily in Homestuck.

Creating a Fantroll

Making a troll is easy! Like most character creation, it is a fairly simple (if not entirely straightforward) process.

The general first step generally to determine where on the Hemospectrum the troll will be. This will do several things, including inform the troll's backstory, give them some degree of traits and powers, a corresponding color, and some other important background information to work with during the creation process. This will also help determine their sign on the Extended Zodiac. The troll's place on the hemospectrum often (but not always) corresponds to the fan's personal zodiac sign, as that is a fairly easy way to determine it. However, it may be selected any number of ways or be completely arbitrary or decided upon by the creator.

Next, naturally is to design the troll. All young trolls generally have the same basic physical features (red, orange and yellow horns; grey skin; black hair; and yellow eyes) so this generally isn't so difficult, though finding a particular sense of style to match up with the troll's personality and whims can be a bit of a challenge. Such things generally include color-coordinated outfits, unique horn shapes, and often some sort of oddity, deformity or flair that sets the troll apart.

Lastly, the troll needs a name. Names tend to be twelve letters long, with six for the first name and six for the second name (eg. Karkat Vantas, Vriska Serket, Chixie Roixmr, etc.) Exceptions come in the form of titles, which are often longer, and anyone with the first name "Troll" (eg. Troll Will Smith, Troll Nicholas Cage, etc.) in which case all bets are off and you are very silly.

From here, you may, if you so desire, determine more in-depth details such as their Classpect, Strife Specibus and Sylladex modus.

The trolls are generally either Alternian or Beforian, but they can be from some other planet if so desired. The sky's the limit, really.

The important thing is to just have fun.




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