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This template should be added to articles about individual episodes of fannish podcasts. The template automatically includes the page in the Fannish Podcasts category. See Help:Fanworks for more information.

To embed this template on a page, copy & paste the code below to the top of the new page:



  • podcasttitle - title of the podcast
  • prev - the page title for the previous episode (eg not [[First Episode Title]], just First Episode Title
  • num - the number of the episode
  • next - the page title for the next episode
  • eptitle - the title of the episode
  • length - how long the episode's runtime is
  • feat - a list of people in the episode — anyone who speaks
  • date - when the episode was released
  • focus - describe the main content of the episode. Optional field.
  • fandom - fandom(s) discussed in the episode. Optional field.
  • externallinks - downloads or streaming
  • image - if a suitable image is available, place file name here and format like so: [[File:Example.jpg|thumb|center|caption text]]
  • category - defaults to Category:Fannish Podcasts. If there's a more specific category, it can go here.

Only one episode?

If you're only adding a single episode of something, add this...


...below |category= and above }}; it will then display only the episode number.

Please note that switching the "yes" to "no" won't actually do anything. To get the previous/next episode stuff back, just delete the line entirely.


Podcast Episode
Prev Episode · Episode #2 · Next Episode
Episode Title: GeekyCon and Meredith Levine
Length: 56:17
Featured: Flourish Klink
Elizabeth Minkel
Meredith Levine
Date: August 12, 2015
External Links: Podcastarchive
Transcript archive
Interview Notesarchive

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[[ ]]

The Template

Podcast Episode
First Episode · Last Episode
Episode Title:
External Links:

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