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Name: fineillsignup
Alias(es): yunyu
Type: fanfiction, fan translation, meta
Fandoms: Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, Dynasty Warriors
Communities: tumblr
URL: main tumblr
yunyu at AO3
@fineillsignup2 at twitter
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fineillsignup is a Canadian[1] Naruto blogger on tumblr who has been active since August, 2016. She's written fanfiction for Naruto, Dynasty Warriors, and Historical RPF. On tumblr, she's known for meta posts and for translating and typesetting Chinese doujinshi and sometimes fanfiction into English; she speaks both English and Mandarin but prefers English.[1]

In the Naruto fandom, her ships are Kakashi x Sakura, MultiSaku, Sai x Ino, Naruto x Hinata, and Shikamaru x Temari. She dislikes Uchiha Sasuke (especially after chapter 699 of the manga), Orochimaru and canon Sasuke x Sakura. Her tumblr description notes, "You might find some of what I post to be Sasuke or Kishimoto bashing,"[2] and she's very critical of the Naruto ending.

In addition to her translation work, fineillsignup also sometimes reposts art from Chinese artists. In her Frequently Unasked Questions post, she explains:

Q: I’ve noticed you repost work from Chinese artists. Sometimes you say “with permission” and sometimes you mention something about CC-BY or similar. What is this CC thing?

A: Creative Commons is a copyleft movement dedicated to make it easier for people to share their work while retaining aspects of control that are important to them. As opposed to copyright, a CC license makes a work freely sharable and may or may not permit changing the work and using the work for profit. The website LOFTER, by default, does not apply any CC license to artists’ work, but they can opt in to using one, and there are a variety to choose from. Therefore, you can be confident that the artist chose to let people share (with credit) or remix their work.[3]

In an introductory post, fineillsignup explained her URL choice:

Every time I visit Tumblr it’s like “hey you should sign up” “oh you want to use that feature well too bad sign up”

I’ve resisted for nearly a decade but I can’t anymore.[1]

fineillsignup also has a blanket permission statement on her Archive of Our Own profile:

Blanket permission in advance is given to make transformative works (sequels, side stories, use of my headcanons or OCs, art, translations, podfic) of any of my fanfiction, so long as you give me credit. I would love to see whatever you make so please link me![4]

She had a livejournal at some point before joining tumblr.[1]

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Her meta tag is her naruto analysis tag (sorted by earliest first). Apologies for the many links; some should probably be relocated to character pages or group pages but those don't exist yet.


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