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This template is for gift exchanges. This template automatically adds the article to the Gift Exchanges category. It will also automatically add the article to the Challenges category unless you put a different category in the category= field.

To embed this template on a page, copy & paste the code below to the top of the new page:



Fields with "(optional)" at the end of the explanation won't show up in the text box if they're left blank.

  • name — name of the exchange
  • abbreviation — ways the name of the exchange is shortened. (optional)
  • dates — when the challenge ran, generally day, month, and year for exchanges that only ran once and years only for multi-year exchanges.
  • runs — what time of year the exchange is usually run, for multi-year exchanges. (optional)
    • Please use months (December–February) rather than seasons (Winter) as seasons change depending on where one lives!
    • If the exchange is a multi-year exchange that used to run but doesn't anymore, you can put "Defunct" here instead of the months it usually ran.
  • moderatormod or mods who run the exchange
  • founder — the person who first ran the exchange, if that's a different person from the current moderator(s). (optional)
  • type — what type of exchange (character matching, "OR" matching, etc) and what type of fanwork is produced (fanfiction, etc.)
  • scope — any focus or theme for the exchange besides fandom, for example: rarepairs, femslash, or marriage tropes. (optional)
  • fandom — name of the fandom(s), or multifandom
  • community — if the exchange has some kind of online community associated with it that's used for things besides just communicating about the exchange, it should go here. (optional)
  • url — the comm, Archive of Our Own collection, tumblr, twitter, and/or other website(s) officially associated with the exchange and used solely/primarily to communicate information with the participants.
  • image — if a suitable image is available, place file name here and format like so: [[File:Example.jpg|thumb|center|caption text]] (optional)
  • category — This will default to [[Category:Challenges]] and should be left blank unless the challenge belongs in a fandom-specific challenge subcategory. (optional, leave blank if no fandom subcategory applies)
  • exchangesubcat — This will default to [[Category:Gift Exchanges]] and should be left blank unless the challenge belongs in a fandom-specific exchange subcategory. Currently the only applicable subcatagory is [[Category:Multifandom Exchanges]] (optional, leave blank if no fandom subcategory applies)

The Template

Gift Exchange
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