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Synonyms: gamer!fic, gamerfic
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Gamer fic is a genre of fanfiction where the character experiences life as a game:

Gamer fic is fic where the protagonist suddenly experiences their life as being like a video game, with stat points, levels, and hit points they actually see and use. They have video game abilities, like the ability to pull objects into an inventory (or sometimes even "pause", literally stopping time). It's apparently based on a Korean webcomic, though most people are just using the basic premise of "life is now a video game".[1]

The Korean webcomic in question is 'The Gamer' by Sang-A. The mechanics of the game system in the original webcomic are sometimes copied directly in fics, with characters able to absorb skills from books and learn magic through allocating points, but the details are often changed to fit the author's needs.

Gamer fic is related to the broader genre of LitRPGs - fiction based in some way on (usually digital) RPGs. LitRPG works are more commonly original fiction.


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