Alec Hardison

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Name: Alec Hardison
Occupation: Hacker
Relationships: Parker (teammate, romantic partner)
Eliot Spencer (teammate)
Nate Ford (teammate)
Sophie Devereaux (teammate)
Nana (foster grandmother)
Colin "Chaos" Mason (nemesis)
Fandom: Leverage
Other: Played by Aldis Hodge
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Alec Hardison is a character from Leverage.


Hardison is the hacker on the team and frequently gives exposition about the bad guy of the week.


Hardison/Eliot is a popular slash pairing for Hardison, and the canonical Hardison/Parker is a popular het pairing, but the most popular ship is Alec Hardison/Parker/Eliot Spencer.

Comments from fans


I will never tire of remembering things I love about Leverage but my fave are these:


2. Alec Hardison and his importance to the team : Even though it was Nate who formed the team, it was Hardison who brought them together with a proper place to be, not just once. He is cool but also emotional when needs come, allowed to be nervous, allowed to have hobbies and be so much more than a ‘typical’ geek, especially a black man playing a tech whiz, could be stereotyped as. Alec is the one who buys a pub and brews his own beer, gets excited over lasers in cooking, complains about things people would do in certain situations like insane stakeouts. He isn’t a crusader, isn’t representative of any mission, and isn’t an ideal. A human character and a great one at it.[1]

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  1. I will never tire of remembering things I love about Leverage but my fave are these: (archive)