Sophie Devereaux

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Name: Sophie Devereaux
Occupation: grifter, actress
Fandom: Leverage
Other: played by Gina Bellman
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Sophie Devereaux is the alias for the Leverage team's grifter. She had known Nate Ford in the past and they allude to a cat and mouse type of relationship as he tried to catch her in his role as an insurance investigator. It becomes clear over the course of the first three seasons that Sophie Devereaux is not her real name, and although some other characters know what her given name is, the audience, and Nate, are left in the dark. Her role on the team has a motherly feel to it and she often acts as the buffer between Nate and the trio of Hardison, Eliot, and Parker. She enjoys acting and theater directing, but the general consensus among her team is that her acting is horrible onstage and only good when she's grifting.

Fan Reactions & Meta

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Sophie is not as popular with fans as the Parker/Hardison/Eliot trio. Some fans find her relationship with Nate--especially Sophie's reaction to Nate's drinking--to be annoying.


Sophie is romantically inclined towards Nate. Their relationship in canon remains in UST territory for most of the first three seasons, after which they begin to explore various levels of romantic and sexual involvement, not always smoothly. Sophie is sometimes paired with Parker, Tara, or Maggie in fanfic, and there is a dedicated core of Nate/Sophie shippers as well.

One show creator in DVD commentary said that he sees Sophie and Maggie, Nate's ex-wife, as having hooked up together at least once.[1]

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