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Synonym(s)characters in fandom!AU, meta!AU
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Fandom AUs are fanworks in which one or more of the main characters are part of fandom. Sometimes all fictional characters are fannish about a non-existent fictional fandom, other times a character discovers fandom as it exists in this world; the possibilities are endless. The corner of fandom discussed is usually the corner the creator of the fanwork is most familiar with.

In some fanworks fandom is a way to get two characters, often a slash pairing, together; this leads to the situation that such fictional fandoms often have a disproportional number of male fans compared to many real fandoms.[1] In others, the premise is more crack or humor-oriented.

Some fanworks have elaborate formatting to mimic anon memes, the Livejournal comment format, Tumblr posts, and/or specific communities or sites.

This kind of AU often also offers meta commentary on fandom itself. Stories about characters who are canonically fannish, like Becky from Supernatural, Alec Hardison from Leverage, and Nepeta from Homestuck, have many similar characteristics.



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