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Name: Mike Ross
Occupation: lawyer
Relationships: Edith Ross (grandmother)
Fandom: Suits
Other: Played by Patrick J. Adams
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Mike Ross is a popular character on Suits. He has a photographic memory. He was kicked out of university for selling a test to the daughter of the Dean. He smoked a lot of weed. His friend Trevor talked him into delivering a suitcase full of weed to his client. That turned out to be a police sting and Mike, in an attempt to escape the cops ended up at interviews for Pierson Hardman. He managed to impress Harvey Specter and got a job at the firm as an associate, despite never finishing college and not having a law degree.



By far, the most popular slash pairing is Mike/Harvey, though there are some Mike/Trevor fics out there (that pairing though is more common as a past relationship, on the road to Mike/Harvey). On the het front, the most popular one is Mike/Rachel, with Mike/Jenny a close second. There are also threesome ships with Mike: Mike/Harvey/Donna, Mike/Harvey/Rachel and Mike/Trevor/Jenny

Fanon and Common Tropes in Fanworks

  • Lawyer!Mike - fics where Mike actually managed to finish law school and is working as an actual lawyer
  • Submissive!Mike - due to some BDSM undertones a lot of Mike/Harvey fics have a slight D/s vibe (and there's a lot of actual kink fics). In most of them, Mike is portrayed as submissive.
  • Badass!Mike - in ontrast to his "puppy" side a lot of writers like to indulge in, there are some fans who like to portray Mike as a more of a badass (In a classic sense of the word) - enter soldier!Mike or PI!Mike etc.
  • Good with kids - Especially in kidfics, Mike is often portrayed as being good with kids.

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