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Journal Community
Name: Fandom!Secrets, Fandom Secrets, fandomsecrets
Date(s): January 03, 2007 - present
Moderator: Case
Founder: Case, Liz, Shahni
Type: postsecret variation
Fandom: multifandom
URL: Fandom!Secrets (primary) on DreamWidth; archive link, Fandom!Secrets (original) on LiveJournal; archive link

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Fandom!Secrets, modeled on postsecret and ljsecret, is a community in which people can anonymously comment with graphics of their biggest fandom secrets onto a screened post. This post is replaced weekly with a new submission post. The collected secrets are displayed, split evenly across the week, in daily posts. The exception to this is Friday, when the secrets that require spoiler or trigger warnings are posted in addition to the usual allotment; the Friday post can be up to twice the size of any of the week's other posts because of this.

The mod has strict rules regarding what constitutes a correctly made secret, and posts that exceed size limits, are linked to incorrectly, are repeats, or are disqualified for some other reason are linked to separately in smalltext at the bottom of the post. Categories for disqualification include "not!secret," "not!fandom," "troll," "take it to comments," "ship it," and just "wtf". Despite this, most commenters appear to read the linked secrets, and there have been several meta secrets that say "I only read fandom!secret for the disqualified secrets."

Common tropes in fandom!secrets include "I'd hit it so hard..." and "I ship it like..." with various creative endings ("I'd hit Black Canary like Superboy punched time"); "If you don't like ... I don't respect you" (or the converse), and "Fandom is the only thing I live for." It is rare for a post not to cause any wank in comments, enough so that sometimes posters will add "in b4 [x]" in an attempt to stave off the most common counterarguments.

In June 2012, Fandom!Secrets moved to Dreamwidth, in part due to the unpopular December 2011 changes to LiveJournal's commenting system.[1]

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