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A treat is an extra fanwork produced for a gift exchange in addition to the one work each participant is entitled to receive and required to produce. Treats are usually exempt from the length or size restrictions that the main gifts have to adhere to, but still otherwise follow exchange etiquette — for example, avoiding DNWs and only gifting participants works that match the fandoms, characters, freeforms, and/or prompts they've requested for the current exchange. Some exchanges, like Trick or Treat or Chocolate Box, strongly encourage treats. For some exchanges, like Yuletide, gifts of appropriate length may be upgraded to becoming a recipient's main gift if their assigned writer defaults, uploads an incomplete draft, produces a picklefic, or writes spitefic. Treaters will therefore sometimes hold back their treats until after assignments are due so that if their recipient's assigned writer defaulted, they'll go on on the exchange's pinch hit list and still receive two gifts.

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