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Trope · Genre
Synonyms: Spite-fic, anti-fanfic, hatefic
See Also: Responsefic, Fix-It
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Spitefic is a term used for fanfictions which are written mostly due to the author disliking the original canon. Unlike Fix-It fics which change certain unsatisfying plot points in a canon the author is a fan of, spitefics generally are done by writers who are wholly not fans, although a spitefic may also contain plot fixing.

TV Tropes calls this genre Hate Fic.

There is no limit to how they can be written—serious spitefics showing the ramifications of poor decisions, funny spitefics that show just how stupid characters are, self-insert spitefics where the author of the spitefic jumps right in to bitchslap everybody, crossover spitefics, reworking spitefics to either see if they can make a character more sympathetic or make a silly situation seem logical—the possibilities are endless.[1]



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