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Name: Clint McElroy
Also Known As:
Occupation: podcaster, comic book writer, formerly a radio broadcaster
Medium: Podcasts, Radio, Comic books
Works: The Adventure Zone, various comics, various radio broadcasts
Official Website(s):
@DocCrum on twitter
Fan Website(s): MBMBaM Wikia
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Watercolor portrait of Clint McElroy from tumblr; artist unknown.

Clint McElroy is the McElroy brothers' father. He plays Merle Highchurch on The Adventure Zone: Balance and Ned Chicane on The Adventure Zone: Amnesty. He's a long-time comic books fan who's graduated to writing dozens of comic book titles.[1]

As a fictional character

The Adventure Zone also has a fictional character named "Clint McElroy", an NPC who appears in both Balance and Amnesty. In The Stolen Century Clint McElroy is an embezzling janitor.

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  1. Super Clint by Rick Mayne. Huntington Quarterly Issue 73 (Spring 2011). Archive.