The Adventure Zone: Amnesty

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Name: The Adventure Zone: Amnesty
Abbreviation(s): Amnesty, TAZ: Amnesty
Creator: McElroy Brothers, plus father
Date(s): Dec 1, 2018 - Sept 23, 2019
Medium: podcast
Country of Origin: USA
External Links: Podcast Network
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Amnesty is the second long-form arc of the McElroy Brothers' role-playing podcast, The Adventure Zone. Hosted once again by Griffin, this time the game is structured around Monster of the Week instead of D&D and has a generally more serious tone.



The player characters of Amnesty are:


The fandom is less active than that of Balance, with most fans preferring the first campaign. However, many still enjoy Amnesty and feel as though it got better in its final half. Amnesty was the first campaign for many fans who prefered joining in during a campaign that was just starting, or had a smaller chapter count.

Notable Ships





Example Fanworks


The Moth who Came In from the Cold by thor20Length: 153.204 wordsStatus: CompleteGenre: Canon Divergence, Hurt/Comfort
(Indruck, Danbrey, Barclane), Not all visions come true. Not all things can be foreseen. Not all futures can be changed. Or, Indrid Cold meets a man on a warm November day in 1963, and makes one of the biggest mistakes of his entire life.


Roll To Hug Some Ass by wielka_mi_mecyja
(Sternclay, Danbrey, Ducknerva, Holleith), A collection of various TAZ Amnesty doodles and drawings.


Youth by Jocelyn James (Herbgerblin)
Contains spoilers from episode 28.
Fix You by Jocelyn James (Herbgerblin)
Contains spoilers from episode 35.