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Discord Server
Name: Heliocentric
Date(s): May 23rd, 2019–present
Server Owner: wafflelate
Moderators: Voldecourt and Silver Queen
Fandom: Dreaming of Sunshine, Naruto
Scope: Dreaming of Sunshine, Sunshine Sidestories, Reincarnation Roulette, & recursive fanfiction
Access: Public
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Heliocentric is a Discord server run by fan writer and exchange mod wafflelate. The server focuses on the Naruto fanfiction Dreaming of Sunshine by Silver Queen and its related fandom of recursive fanworks. The server hosts discussion of the Dreaming of Sunshine Exchange and in the author reveals for the first round of DoS Ex, wafflelate described the server as, "a little Dreaming of Sunshine fandom space I made so I could keep track of people and organize future projects without having to DM people or anything," and also mentioned that the server would be doing a rolling remix.[1] The server was advertised on dosbysilverqueen.[2]


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