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Synonyms: RR
See also: remix, challenge, round robin
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A rolling remix is a variant on a remix challenge. Rolling remixes are often described as "fic telephone", after the children's game where a whispered message is passed from one person to another along a line of participants and changes along the way.

Rolling remixes are always single-fandom challenges, and participants are usually required to be familiar enough with the canon to be comfortable reading and writing in any character/time period. Unlike other remix challenges, there's typically no restriction on changing, adding, or removing ships or tropes, but content such as noncon, graphic violence/torture, underage and character death may be restricted. Additionally, crossovers are typically disallowed — because participants can't be sure that the next person in line will know the other fandom(s) — and so is spitefic/responsefic meant to mock the fic being remixed.

The first rolling remix was MCU Rolling Remix in 2016.

How It Works

This is the explanation typically provided for rolling remixes:

  1. One person would write a fic and post it to a moderated and locked collection on AO3.
  2. The mod would send that fic to someone else, who would remix it in the tradition of remixes everywhere.
  3. They would post their remix to the same locked comm.
  4. The mod would send the remix (but NOT the previous story) to someone else, who would remix the remix.
  5. Repeat steps three and four until we've run out of people.
  6. The mod gets everyone to change the posting dates so that they're the same and make sure there's no order identifying information.
  7. Comm goes live with authors and dates secret, and everyone can guess who wrote what, and what the remixing order was.
  8. Mod posts a reveal of authors and remix order.[1]

Some rolling remixes allow participants to block out times when they won't be able to write. If many people sign up, the participants are split up into groups, or "teams", all working off of the same starting fic but running simultaneously to keep the writing period to a manageable length.



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