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Name: wafflelate
Type: Fan Writer, Moderator, Exchange Mod
Fandoms: Naruto, Dreaming of Sunshine
Communities: Heliocentric
URL: Tumblr; AO3; FFnet; Dreamwidth
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wafflelate is a fanfiction author and exchange mod. Her main fandom is Dreaming of Sunshine, where she used to mod the WAJDoS Discord server and now runs Heliocentric. She primarily posts her work on Archive of Our Own, where she runs the AO3 Heliocentrism community. Twice a year she runs the Dreaming of Sunshine Exchange.

Contributions to the Dreaming of Sunshine fandom

When she was part of the WAJDoS fanfiction.net forums, she helped index and organize hundreds of pages of recursive fanfiction on a set of Google docs for the general recursive thread, the crossover thread, and the soulmate thread. This task—which is made incredibly necessary by the fanfiction.net forums' lack of any sort of search feature or threadmarking—has since been spearheaded by Stormclouds.

During the brief time the Dreaming of Sunshine fandom was considering moving to Reddit, wafflelate was the primary moderator on the Dreaming of Sunshine subreddit, r/DreamingOfSunshine. She organized the layout, automod, and other things to make it run with minimal modding as well as promoting the reddit and discord between the two platforms.

As of Chapter 144 (145) of Dreaming of Sunshine[1] wafflelate is credited as one of Silver Queen's betas. She was one of the participants and primary organizer in Silver Queen Appreciation 2018 (link), a small challenge celebrating Silver Queen's birthday.

wafflelate can also be largely credited with the Dreaming of Sunshine fandom's large move to Discord and away from the fanfiction.net forums, as well as organizing Dreaming of Sunshine inclusion and participation in exchange fandom.

In terms of fanfiction, wafflelate has started several popular tropes and pieces of fanon. For example, the Many Gardens of the Shikabane-hime verse (usually tagged on AO3 with "Alternate Universe - Gardens") has lead to a Gardens fic in the Dreaming of Sunshine fandom. She can also be credited with Uchiha Shisui's popularity in Dreaming of Sunshine recursive fanfiction, the fanon that Uchiha use and carry a lot of ninja wire, and Yuuhi Shinku's inclusion in Dreaming of Sunshine.


Notable Works


Blanket Policy and Recursive Fandom

Further transformation

Please! The DoS recursive fandom is built on solid foundations of sharing ideas and remixing each others' work, and I don't mind the same being applied to my regular Naruto stuff.

Remixes, recursive, and reuse of my verses/mechanics/worldbuilding is enthusiastically encouraged.

Podficcers should feel free to do whatever they want.

Fanart, fanmixes, and translation aren't really expected but sign me up for those, too.

Please link back and please send me a link![2]


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