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Name: Naruto Couples Event
Moderator(s): and
Type: fanweek
Fandom: Naruto
Associated Community:
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The Naruto Couples Event was a 2018 fanweek challenge on tumblr where participants created fanworks for Naruto ships. The Naruto Couples Event accepted and had tags for fanfic, gifs, fanart, edits, and graphics. Ships were split up into canon and non-canon.

Platonic couples and fanworks celebrating friendship were not accepted.[1][2] The event required all ships to be between adult characters and defined "adult" as 18 years old.[3] Canon character x original character pairings were accepted.[4]


The 2018 schedule was:

Jan 27 - Jan 28: Prompts choice

Feb 2 - Feb 24: Questions about the event

Feb 25 - Mar 3: Events starts


The announcement post in January 2018 laid out the rules and had a prompt list that was later reworked by participants. As of November, 2018, the post has 354 notes.

Hello, everyone! Inspired by this anon,[5] we decided to create a neutral event for the Naruto Pairings. Although we are still working on the schedule, we have a few rules to make this event more pleasant for everyone:

  • Any incest, paedophilia or implications of abuse or rape are not allowed and it won’t be reblogged.
  • Lgbt+ headcanons/pairings are allowed and encouraged.
  • Please tag your NSFW.
  • No hate for any of the pairings. This is an event free of hate. You don’t have to enjoy all of the couples, but please don’t add hateful comments or send us hateful asks.
  • Each day will have more than one prompt, you can pick one or do both.
  • Rarepairs are allowed and are encouraged.
  • You can create anything you want! Fanfics, art, gifs, graphics etc.
  • Tag all posts as #narutocouple2018 or #narutocoupleweek for us to notice and reblog it!

Prompts (still can be updated):

  • Day 1: Favorite Canon Pairing // How they met
  • Day 2: Favorite Non Canon Pairing // Gender Role swap
  • Day 3: The first pairing you shipped // A Pairing who deserved better // First Date
  • Day 4: In Another World // Clothes Swap // Favorite Moment
  • Day 5: Favorite pairing from Next gen // Old gen
  • Day 6: Family // Favorite Platonic relationship // Confession
  • Day 7: Free day

We will make a poll to pick a date that will work for everyone. If you have any suggestions, questions or even ideas to improve the event, ask away!

Please follow this blog if you’re taking part/interested, thank you![6]

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