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Pairing: Hatake Kakashi x Maito Gai
Alternative name(s): KakaGai, kkg
Gender category: yaoi
Fandom: Naruto
Canonical?: Maybe
Prevalence: Common
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KakaGai is the smushname for the yaoi ship Kakashi x Gai from the shonen series Naruto.


Kakashi and Gai are both ninja in Konoha from the same generation who teach Team 7 and Team Gai, respectively. They've known each other since they were children, and by the time Naruto takes place in are "Eternal Rivals". At the end of Naruto and into the sequel Boruto, Kakashi and Gai live together and even go on vacation together. Fans also cite the fact that Gai can be serious with Kakashi and Kakashi can be serious with Gai as a reason for shipping them.


KakaGai wasn't very popular when Naruto was big and coming out for the first time, but has seen a recent surge in popularity. Many people have said that they only picked up the ship after returning to the series as adults.[1] Several tumblr users have talked about why KakaIru was popular back in the day but KakaGai is gaining traction now:


i know some of the more veteran naruto fans tell me that kakagai is a relatively recent phenomenon bc yall werent ready for it in 2003 or whatever but im not blinded by the past and its wild to me that its not the most popular kakashi ship bc its so damn obvious[2]

[aprldaze's tags]

#people say its about gai not being conventionally attractive but lbr it’s about perceived masculinity and femininity #gai visually = a buff hunk #so of course if ur shipping based on fetish ur not gonna pair kakashi with him #& risk emasculating the coolest hottest always in control hatake #instead you’ll find a character who’s visually thin & attractive = i.e. ideal femininity #& even then strip away canon masculine traits… like their temper… to uphold the masculinity of your favorite character #& like there is some great kakairu content out there!! #but overall the ship’s popularity esp over kkg is based upon society being more comfortable w/ relationships they can code as masc & femme #esp relationships where masc dominates femme #kakagai #srry just thinking about gender today[3]


yes, this. Also, so much of fandom’s insistence on Kakashi always being portrayed as mysterious, cool, sexy and hyper-masculine just confuses me. Like, have any of you actually seen the show/read the manga?

#also kakagai as a ship did exist in 2003 #but it was basically just me shipping them and being sad and bitter that no one else did[4]

Common tropes

  • Challenges — Gai and Kakashi canonically keep track of their challenges, so they often do challenges in fanworks.
  • Curtain fic & other domestics — Kakashi and Gai end the series living together.
  • Secret Marriage
  • Adopting Uzumaki Naruto





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