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Synonyms: SI-OC, SI/OC, self insert original character
Related: self insertion, character insert, -sona
See Also: isekai, transmigration, reincarnation
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SI OC is a subgenre of self insert fanfiction whose name stands for self insert original character. Fics in this genre feature self inserts who've been reincarnated into a body native to their new universe, which they experienced as some form of fiction in their previous life.

The use of original character in the genre name can refer to the body the SI has been inserted into, but often instead refers to the inserts themselves, who in many cases are only loosely based on the author and sometimes aren't based on the author at all. The SI OC's new body may be that of a major canon character, a minor or background character, or a completely new original character. The Naruto fandom especially has received a boom of SI OCs in the last few years, presumedly because of the success of Dreaming of Sunshine.