Hollow Knight

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NameHollow Knight
Developer(s)Team Cherry
Publisher(s)Team Cherry
Release date24 February 2017 (Microsoft Windows)

11 April 2017 (macOS, Linux)
12 June 2018 (Nintendo Switch)

25 September 2018(PlayStation 4, Xbox One)
Platform(s)PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox One
External link(s)Hollow Knight official website,
Steam page
Hollow Knight art by hyamei
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Hollow Knight is a 2017 game released by the Australian game design group Team Cherry. It is an action/adventure platformer and metroidvania in which the player plays as the Knight, exploring the ruined kingdom of Hallownest and uncovering its secrets. The game has enjoyed popularity and favorable reviews since its release, and the fandom remains active. In particular, fans are eagerly awaiting the sequel game Silksong since it was announced in 2019, though it does not yet have a release date.


Team Cherry also released official tie-in comics, including one about Quirrel (Google Drive link).




Spoiler Warning: This article or section may contain spoilers. If this bothers you, proceed with caution.


Speedrunning and Modding

Speedrunning and modding are prominent activities among the fan community, sometimes combined. Some prominent speedrunners are fireb0rngg and Skurry.

Silksong Anticipation

Since the sequel was announced, there has been much fan anticipation. People speculated about new characters revealed in a March 2019 announcement,[1] particularly Lace, who is often shipped with Hornet.[2]

Some fans are creating art or stories to count down (or really count up) until Silksong's release, e.g. WeeblesJeebles has a daily series of fanart called "Day <x> of poorly drawing hollow knight until silksong comes out".[3]

Others made their own mods in anticipation of the release. (e.g.: Horo Nite: Solksing)








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