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Name: Naruto Events
Date(s): September 7th 2018—present
Submissions: Yes, via tag and DM; guidelines.
Type: fandom calender
Fandom: Naruto
Scope: challenges, Discord servers, zines
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The banner for the announcement post(archived):


Have you ever missed out on a really cool Naruto Event that you would have loved to take part in? [...]

Naruto Events is a tumblr blog that collects information about upcoming and ongoing Naruto exchanges, fanweeks, fests, big bangs, Discord servers, and zines. They run a google calendar, reblog promo posts, and make monthly info posts. Event organizers get their blog featured by contacting Naruto Events via DMing the blog or by tagging the blog in their promo posts.[1]

Their about page reads:

Have you ever missed out on a really cool Naruto Event that you would have loved to take part in?

No worries, we’ve got your back!

This blog is dedicated to keeping track of the Naruto fandom related events in one place, where you can follow all the cool stuff happening in the fandom, arranged calendar month by calendar month. [...]

If you would like us to reblog your event and promote what’s happening, give us a tag. If they follow our GUIDELINES, we will reblog it, as well as add it to our calendar for everyone to find!

For more information, check out our FAQ page, and if you have any further queries, you can ASK US! [2]


Jashfem -

I have been a writer since I was 9 years old, when I wrote my first ever story which was a fanfic for Sims 2 XD I have been active in the Naruto fandom since January 2018, after lurking for a few months, and began posting my fics in March 2018. I participated in the KAKUHIDA RBB, KAKUHIDAWEEK2018, and am a co-host of the upcoming SASORI MINI-BANG. I also have plans to participate in many other events.
In my real life, I run a personal blog and enjoy spending time with my cats. I am fascinated by history, current events, and culture.
You can find me at @JASHINIST-FEMINIST.

Kitty -

is always modding at work, and should definitely not be typing a bio right now but. Well. It’s her lunch, and here she is.
Became active in the fandom in late 2017, Kitty has since dived headfirst into running multiple events, including the KAKUHIDA RBB, the AKATSUKI GIFT EXCHANGE, and the SASORI MINI-BANG, alongside this blog and a plethora of personal writing and drawing projects. Friendly and always here to help, feel free to DM her if you ever want advice on running an event. You can find her on her main @THATSHIPCAT.

Shadow -

Hi! I’m SHADOW!! also known as KONOHAGAKURESHIP. Yes it’s me, the one obsessed with KisaIta and incapable of not getting involved into everything that appears in my feed…
Anyway! I love drawing Naruto stuff and sometimes I write too (though I suck at it as you can tell), and I’m also co-modding some events and projects within the fandom. I’m very active on Tumblr so this is the fastest way to reach me, but I’m also on INSTAGRAM and TWITTER. My askbox and DM are open and I’m always up for a nice conversation!! :)[2]

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