Sunshine Symposium Episode 1: The Roast of Sarutobi Hiruzen

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Podcast Episode
Sunshine Symposium
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Episode Title: The Roast of Sarutobi Hiruzen
Length: 2 hours, 7 minutes
Featured: jacksgreyson
Date: February 10th, 2019
Focus: Sarutobi Hiruzen, Sarutobi Asuma, Sarutobi Biwako, worldbuilding
Fandom: Naruto, Dreaming of Sunshine
External Links: on Anchor
Tumblr post
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The Roast of Sarutobi Hiruzen is the first episode of the podcast Sunshine Symposium, a discussion of Naruto through the lens of Dreaming of Sunshine.

For the first episode of Sunshine Symposium Unorganized_Shelf, Math-is-Magic, and purple_teapot rightly roast Sarutobi Hiruzen, aka the Third Hokage, and we give Sarutobi Biwako the time she deserves.[1]

The character corner for this episode was about Sarutobi Biwako, Hiruzen's wife.

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This was really cool, great roast everyone! I’m really looking forward to more.[2]


I haven’t listened to the entire thing yet (because it’s like two hours long) but I’ve listened to the first 12 minutes and it’s very enjoyable so far! If you would like to listen to a podcast of people talking about all the ways that Hiruzen is a) bad or b) badly written, have a listen!

One note so far regarding what the deal is with the Sarutobi and the InoShikaCho. Here are the panels in question, with the official VIZ translation:

Sarutobi n inoshikacho.png

Now, I think prior to Boruto, a lot of people extrapolated from this that the Sarutobi were in a teaching/leading relationship to the InoShikaCho trio, because of that word “authoritative”; also I’m not sure how scanslations handled these panels.

Why did Kishimoto bring the Sarutobi into this at all? What the hell does he intend here, if the Sarutobi aren’t actually teachers of InoShikaCho?

Look forward to Bort making Konohamaru, who hasn’t interacted with Bort’s InoShikaCho at all, suddenly get shoehorned into some plot with them in order to make him giving them the earrings mean something.

(Also when I heard @math-is-magic say Snakebert I was so proud. Go out into the world and spread the Good News, my child.)[3]


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