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The following practices are not allowed on Fanlore. Please see Fanlore:Managing Conflict and Fanlore:Hostile Editing Policy for information on how to deal with their occurrences and how Fanlore Policy & Admin will respond.


Each user may have only one account on the wiki, unless a second is required for admin purposes. If a user is suspected of having multiple accounts, this should be reported to the admin. Any user found using multiple accounts will have all accounts permanently banned.


An attack page is created/edited solely for the purpose of insulting a person or damaging their reputation, and will be deleted. Deleting articles requires involving an administrator. In most cases, if the deletion involves a good-faith dispute about content or organization, a consensus-based decision-making process will be used to attempt to resolve it. However, if the article is maliciously edited in order to damage some individual, admin will take prompt action in accordance with Fanlore's hostile editing policy.


The wiki has no intention of serving as a tool to out fans without their permission or against their will. Editors should be prepared to prove that an outing is desired by the involved party. Undesired outings will be met with prompt deletion and editors who out others against their will may face consequences if Fanlore Policy & Admin suspect that the outing was done with malicious intent. See Identity Protection for full details.


"Vandalism is any addition, removal, or change of content made in a deliberate attempt to compromise the integrity of the wiki. The most common types of vandalism include the addition of obscenities or crude humor, page blanking, or the insertion of nonsense into articles."[1]

Vandalism is subject to Fanlore's hostile editing policy and may result in permanent banning. An account used primarily or solely for vandalism will be banned without warning.


Spam is advertising which invades user space, masquerading as desirable content or contacts. Spam will be deleted, and spambots will be banned.

See Category:Spam for articles and files identified as spam that still need to be deleted.

Quoting out of context

Quoting out of context involves a contributor posting or paraphrasing material that deliberately makes the material seem to mean what it does not, or gives the wrong impression of the material's meaning within its original context. This may be considered a violation of our Citation Policy.

Undermining protected content

Fanlore has detailed guidelines on how and when to quote and cite material from a variety of sources. In keeping with community expectations and privacy, our citation policy includes the forbidding of linking to or quoting protected or private content (such as personal correspondence or password-protected material) without the explicit permission of the original poster.

Contributors are also forbidden from undermining these guidelines by, for example, posting the protected content in a public space and subsequently linking to the public space in their citation (unless this occurs with the explicit permission of the OP). Such an activity on Fanlore will be considered a violation of our Citation Policy.


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