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Note: To reduce spam, new members currently cannot create new pages in the first four hours after registering an account.

A good place to begin learning how to contribute articles is by creating your own User Page. Your user page is a page only you[1] can edit. When you read someone else's user page, you know that the information on it is information they put there themselves. All user pages are in a special namespace, and begin with "User:" Although anyone can make a page about you on Fanlore, this is your opportunity to tell people about yourself.

To create your user page:

  1. Look for your username, marked in red, at the top or side of the page. (Red text is a link to an article that hasn't been written yet.)
  2. Selecting it will take you to a window to create your user page in the Visual Editor (the main "Edit" mode).
  3. We recommend adding a User Profile template to the page. The quickest way to insert this is to copy the source code (the code between the {{ }}s) from the template page and paste it into your editing window. This will magically generate the template!
  4. To fill it in, select the template and choose "Edit" in the corner. You can then add content into the fields as follows:
    • Names: any names you want to be known by
    • Fandoms: this is what you can use to specify your fandoms (current, former, or both!)
    • Links: use this to add any personal websites or places you can be found around the web.
  5. Select "Apply changes" to save your changes
  6. Now you've done this, you can add anything else you like to the page - a bio, list of your personal editing projects, whatever! This is your profile on Fanlore, though it can also double as a sort of "scratch pad" for notes or testing.
  7. Select "Save page…" to save your work, and if you want, summarise what you added to the page in the "Summary" box. You can also select "Review your changes" to preview the page and check your work before saving
  8. Then select "Save page" again.

For ideas on what to write about, you can check out what other users have done here.

To access a list of all registered users, see Special:Listusers.

  1. ^ and users with admin privileges, but they only use this privilege to fix categories and templates and remove spammers