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Now add wikilinks to your userpage! This is fun times.

Wikilinks are internal hyperlinks that connect pages in the wiki to each other. They allow readers to easily browse the wiki and discover new things.

Visual Editor

Highlight the text you want to link from, and select the Link button in the top formatting bar. Make sure that Fanlore is selected in the preview box that appears, and type the title of the page you want to link to. (The highlighted text will appear by default in this text box.) Select Done.

Source Editor

Add double brackets ([[ ]]) around text to create a link to a page with that title, like so: [[Forever Knight]] gets you Forever Knight.

Note that "nowiki" is used while editing here to show what you type, so it doesn't get interpreted by the wiki software and turned into a link.

If you want to link to a page with a title different from the text you want linked, perhaps to improve the flow of your paragraph, you can use a pipe (|), like so: [[Forever Knight|zany text!]] gets you zany text! (However, in most cases the link text should ideally have something to do with the page it's linking to).

To link to a Wikipedia article, use the word "wikipedia" first: [[wikipedia:Main Page|Wikipedia EN home page]] becomes Wikipedia EN home page

Refer to Help:Links for more on linking.