Captain's Log (Star Trek: TOS zine edited by Sylvia Stanczyk)

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See Captain's Log for other zines with the same title.

Title: Captain's Log
Publisher: Leonard Nimoy's Enterprise
Editor(s): Sylvia Stanczyk
Type: newsletter
Date(s): 1968-69
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
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Captain's Log is a Star Trek: TOS newsletter edited by Sylvia Stanczyk.

Sylvia was also an editor of the Saurian Brandy Digest, Time Lord Tales, and Log of the Starship Enterprise.

It is one of the very earliest Star Trek fiction zines published. For others, see List of Star Trek TOS Zines Published While the Show Was Still On the Air.

Published by a Fan Club

This zine is a club zine, as it mentions "members" and various "officers" (president, vice president, secretary). This club is likely Leonard Nimoy's Enterprise.

Issue #2's officers: Sylvia Stanczyk (president), Susan Kotar (vice president), Beth Arganbright (secretary). In issue #2's editorial, Stanczyk mentions "her two officers" had to quit because of school work.

Issue #3's officers: Sylvia Stanczyk (president), Sue Klett (vice president), Paul Smith (secretary), Pat Smith (treasurer).

Issue 1

Captain's Log 1 was published in October/November 1968 and contains 9 pages.

Issue 2

The Captain's Log 2 was published in December 1968/January 1969 and contains 9 pages.

  • reviews of "Spock's Brain" by Gerry Riley, Ann Wilson, Barbara Gasparri, Susan Kotar, Nelda Schwatz (all entries in a contest where members vote on the review they liked the best—prizes were a copy of The Making of Star Trek, "Leonard Nimoy's fourth album or William Shatner's first," club memberships and the "third Star Trek paperback.") (2)
  • a long list of items wanted as contributions to this zine, and their corresponding points system; these points could be redeemed for prizes (4)
  • "A Child's Dream," fiction by Carol Bonsall and Dorothy Billger (5)
  • "The Holiday," a vignette by Paul Lemire (7)
  • "Memory Banks," a vignette by Mark Atkins (7)

Issue 3

Captain's Log 3 was published around March/April 1969 and contains 8 pages.

cover of issue #3 cover by Scott Sabath: "A little bit of everything. No, really, it was called Captain’s Log, never mind the lack of those words on the title. And, again, not a big boost to Shatner’s ego, what with Nimoy right there in the middle. The reason it looks like it was drawn by a 12 year-old is ‘cuz it was in fact drawn by a 12 year-old. Pretty good for a 12 year-old, all things considered. And, another tribble cameo." [1]

From the editorial:

Dear Members: I'm sorry. Don't hit me. I've been getting the entries for our last contest and I'm a bit surprised! We thought the instructions were so clear! In rules one we asked you to identify the people, right, but the backgrounds are another story. You see we meant for you to identify the background of the photograph not the people! Like the first one could be Lee Harvey Oswald standing in front of the Empire State building. It could? Yeah. Anyroad [?], we got answers like so and so-Ensign and someone or other Captain. We also got a few things like McCoy getting ready to give someone a shot and Sulu hamming it up for the camera. Now, come on gang! Play nice! Those are clear instructions! Clear as mud; So for those who still didn't enter remember these instructions when entering. So far we have only five entries and its such a simple contest. We're moving the closing date up to ???????? So let's get going and all join in the fun. Be sure and enclose the dime and 6 cent stamp when entering, this helps us out. Hope you will all participate. -- Sue Klett VP (What Power!)

Also from the editorial:

I would like to dedicate this issue of The Captain's Log to Mrs. Peggye Vickers and Mrs. Bjo Trimble. These two women have helped us in so many ways to save Star Trek and they deserve this tribute... They were there to help lead us on to victory and have shown us how to work together as one unit. They have proven themselfs not only to us but the stars of the show. We never could have won without them. From the staff of the club and its members, we wish to thank you both for your understanding performance in this time of crisis.

  • the cover was by Scott Sabath: "As you can see the cover of this issue was done by Scott Sabath, one of our very talented members. He's only 12 years old, but he has a bright future laying ahead of him. As you remember from the last issue, he had written the interview which took place between Leonard Nimoy and him. Along with the interview should have been two pictures of Leonard which he had taken, unfortunately we did not have the money to print them up, so I wish to apologize to Scott personally and say that as soon as we can we'll print them."
  • a contest deadline (identifying people in a photograph, had only five people guess) had been extended
  • story/testimonial called "Aliens Make Great Friends" by Carol Brogan
  • the editor says: "Each of the stars personally receives a copy of all the club newsletters so I assure you that your material is seen by the stars themselves."
  • poem called "Men of the Future" by Frances M. Pontarelli
  • "Transmissions from Star Trek," some Star Trek news by the editor
  • a poem/song (?) with a heavy Christian focus called "Lost in the Stars" (Dot Records)