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You may be looking for the Doctor Who newsletter The Timelord Times.

Title: Time Lord Tales
Publisher: Dalek Press
Editor(s): Sylvia Stanczyk
Date(s): 1982-1984
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Doctor Who
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Time Lord Tales is a gen Doctor Who anthology. It was originally to be titled, "Galifree Gazette."

Issue 1

front cover of issue #1, Carol McPherson
back cover of issue #1, Julie Cesari

Time Lord Tales 1 was published in October 1982 (second printing June 1983), is 51 pages long and contains many stories, illustrations, cartoons and poems.

The front cover is by Carol McPherson, the back cover by Julie Cesari. The interior art is by Carol McPherson, Bonnie Reitz, and Sylyvia Stanczyk.

From the editorial:

Weil, it's been a year since this proposed zine was first mentioned and you hold the end result in ycur hands new. (for better or worse) I knew there are more Dr. Who fans out there it's just a matter of digging then out cf their TARDIS's. I've been searching for material and having very little luck in finding any. So if you have a story buzzing around in your head why not try your hand at putting it on paper and submitting it fcr issue two. I do plan on a second issue but it'll be a long time in coming if I don't get enough material right away. I have several poems and would like to get them illoed fcr the second issue. Art is another scarce quantity as seen in The Doctor and the Dragon later in this issue.

Art, stories, cartoons, etc. will be needed for issue two and the sooner I receive enough material the sooner I can get it out. So if you knew of anybody that can submit something why not drop them a line with my name and address.

I an hoping Time Lord Tales be primarily a Tom Baker characterization. Keep that in mind... when submitting material.

  • Table of Contents (3)
  • Editorial (4)
  • Letter to Linda by Susan Sizemore (A large metallic peppermill arrives in the middle of a young couple's living room and it's not from Renfield Exterminators.) (5)
  • Travel Broadens the Mind by Catherine Siemann (When Sarah is dropped off in a suburb of Edinburgh instead of South Croydon, she meets an old friend and comes to understand what the Doctor was all about.) (10)
  • Parting, poem by Marguerite Krause (14)
  • Time, poem by Teresa Aarick (17)
  • Cross-Worlds by Bonnie Reitz (Find out what the Doctor does when he finds himself on a strange spacecraft with a black-cloaked heavy breather.) (19)
  • Declaraion by Marguerite Krause (29)
  • The Doctor and the Dragon by Susan Sizemore (Star Wars/Doctor Who) (What happens when the good Doctor runs into a vampire?) (31)
  • Terran Proverbs by Marguerite Krause (50)
  • Ads (50)
  • Excuses (51)

Issue 2

Time Lord Tales 2 was published in April 1984 and contains 52 pages.

front cover of issue #2, Don Gerhardt
back cover of issue #2, Gennie Summers

The art is by Anne Davenport, Don Gerhardt (front cover, interior), Bonnie Reitz, Joy Riddle, Ann Shelby, and Gennie Summers (back cover, interior).

From the editorial:

This issue was originally scheduled for September [1983] and I had high hopes that it would be out by that time... as usual unforeseen circumstances came up and it is just being completed now. Stories are still as scarce as hen's teeth and that caused part of the delay... And the major and irreparable breakdown of my old trusty 15 year old mimeo machine delayed this issue even further. It has finally been replaced through the help of fans of Saurian Brandy Digest and I thank all those people dearly for their donations in securing another machine.

  • Title Page (i)
  • Table of Contents (ii)
  • Ye Editorial (ii)
  • Dr Who and The Mystery of Tremadog Bay, fiction by Joe Hernandez (3)
  • Silent Thoughts, vignette by Stephanie Wardell (16)
  • A Police Box on Krypton, fiction by Sue Ann Sarick (20)
  • Graffiti (The editor notes: "Credit will be given in the next issue for whoever did the Graffiti [if] they'll just drop me a line. Sorry for not giving the person credit with this issue.") (48)
  • Locked Out by Teresa Sarick (50)
  • Tardis Trading Post (55)
  • Excuses (a variation on You are Receiving this Zine Because) (57)