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What's a Talk page?

Every wiki article has a talk page. You can get to it by clicking the link marked "Talk" at the top of the article. If you're watching an article, your watchlist will also show updates to its talk page and vice versa.

Talk pages are often used to resolve disputes over how to make an article have the correct point of view (neutral point of view on Wikipedia or plural point of view on Fanlore, for example). They're a good place to put suggestions, questions, and links that might or might not make good references for an article.

User pages also have these. You can access yours by clicking on the "My Talk" link at the very top of the page.

Don't forget to sign comments you leave on talk pages. (Put four tildes ~~~~ after whatever you wrote.)

How do I make links to things not on the wiki?

In the Visual Editor, select the icon that resembles two links of a chain, or type Ctrl+K on your keyboard. Select External Site, and enter the full URL you want to link. Select Insert. Select Add Label and type your desired text, which will appear instead of the link URL. Press Enter to click anywhere on the page to finish editing.

In the Source Editor, use single brackets instead of double ones. Put the URL followed by a space followed by the text of the link: [ TEXT]

How did someone else do that cool thing I saw?

Well, if you saw it in a wiki, just hit the 'edit' button and find out! Looking at the wiki markup they used is the simplest way to figure out what they did; as long as you close the window without saving, you won't change the article.

If it's something from another wiki, it may or may not work on Fanlore already. Some things require new templates or technical changes to the wiki.

Where else can I find help?

You can find a list of Fanlore's Help pages on our Help:Contents page that includes guidelines about topics as well as instructions on wiki markup. For more advanced and technical information on using wikis, you can also check out the help pages at Wikipedia, which uses the same software as Fanlore.