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Policy: Mark for Deletion
In summary: Fanlore Gardeners or admins may mark a page for deletion if they feel it does not meet Fanlore policies. After a discussion period, the page may then be deleted.
Related Policies: About Fanlore, Mission.

Use of Mark for Deletion

The template {{subst:ProposeDeletion}} may be placed on a page or subpage by a gardener or admin who believes that the page "does not fit" on Fanlore, and has a reason to argue their point of view.

The potential reasons for proposing deletion are many, but a common one may be the lack of fannish or potential fannish content. For example, a page that includes detailed canonical information about a particular source text but without bringing any information on the way fandom interacts with that information is probably not a very good fit for Fanlore. Another reason to mark a page for deletion is that it is more suitable for a general wiki than for Fanlore -- for example, a page explaining emoticons or something else not specific to fandom.

Whether a page "fits" or not on Fanlore is a subjective call. The gardener/admin who adds the Mark for Deletion tag to a page should therefore open a discussion on the associated Talk page, briefly setting forth the reasons why he or she has proposed deletion.

The time between the marking of the page with the proposal to delete and the eventual deletion of a page will never be shorter than two weeks, to ensure that a discussion can take place about the issue. Interested users should discuss the reasons why the page should not be deleted on the associated Talk page. Users are also strongly encouraged to edit the page during that time if they believe they can remedy the problem which originally caused the page to be marked for deletion.

If, after a period of at least two weeks, no objection has been raised to deleting a marked page, Fanlore Policy & Admin will perform a final review and may thereafter decide to proceed with deletion of the page.

If, during the two-week period, objections are raised to deleting the page, Fanlore Policy & Admin will review the page in detail and reach a final ruling on whether to delete the page.

Page deletion is not in any way intended as a slight to the page's original author. A page marked for deletion may be well-written and contain valuable information, yet simply not be right for Fanlore. Deletion is meant only to further Fanlore's Mission and in support of other Fanlore policies.

When this Policy Does Not Apply

This policy does not apply to pages subject to immediate deletion, e.g., pages in violation of the Identity Protection policy. Such pages are subject to immediate deletion.

It also does not apply to deletions that "clean up" the wiki without eliminating content, e.g., when two or more pages are combined into a single page.